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GE-50576-A Acoustic Belt Tension Tester

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No Longer Available as of July 2017

The GE-50576-A Acoustic Belt Tension Tester accurately measures tension on static rubber belts and composite materials. It is commonly used to test drive belts, accessory belts and V-belts. It measures and displays the frequency of the belt which has a direct relation to the belt tension. Many manufacturers specify the preferred belt frequency when the belt is tensioned properly.

The GE-50576-A allows belt tension measurement with no direct contact, by using a microphone to capture vibration from a belt as it is tapped or strummed. With the microphone held near the belt, the belt is plucked or strummed, and the reading is displayed on GE-50576 Color LCD Display. Three separate readings are taken, and the average belt frequency is displayed. The user then compares the average to the published specification and adjusts the belt as needed. After adjustment the belt frequency can be re-measured to confirm it is within specification.

GE-50576-A is used to measure the belt tension on the 2013 Chevrolet Spark accessory drive belt, and on the internal belt on Electronic Power Steering racks when replacing the controller motor assembly. 2013-on Buick LaCrosse w/EPS, 2013-on Cadillac XTS w/EPS, 2014-on Chevrolet Silverado w/EPS, 2014-on GMC Sierra w/EPS.


  • Large Touch Screen Color LCD, operated with finger or supplied sytlus pen
  • Extremely easy to operate, no prior traning is required
  • GE-50576-A uses high quality microphone to sense belt oscillation/vibration to determine frequency
  • Proprietary acoustic algorithm minimizes the effect of ambient noise during sensing of belt vibrations (frequency)
  • Standard frequency range is 100-500 Hz (as needed for GM Service)
  • Supplied with Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
  • Can be recharged via USB port on PC or using any USB Charger (user-supplied)
  • CE-Certified and RoHS Compliant
  • Factory Warranty is 1-Year parts and labor

Frequency(Hz) to Force(N) conversion

GE-50576 has ability to toggle from frequency(Hz) to force(N) by the formula below:

T = 4 * M * W * S2 * f2 * 10-9

T = Tension (N)
M = Mass (g/m)
W = Width (mm/#R)
S = Span length (mm)
f = First Natural Frequency

The GE-50576 can convert from Frequency(Hz) to Force(N)

Complete Kit

The GE-50576-A complete kit comes with the gauge, touch pen, microphone, USB cable, battery and protection cover in a portable pouch.


Frequency Range100~500Hz Fixed for GM (Adjustable between 100~500)
Microphone Length30cm
Dimension119.7 x 74.7 x 18 (mm)
BatteryRechargeable Li-Ion Battery, 3.7V, 800mA
Battery LifeApprox. 24 hours, continuous use
Battery Rechargingvia any USB Port of PC or using USB Charger (not supplied)
Charge Time4-5 hours with USB port, 2-3 hours with separate USB Charger (12V DC)
Operation Temperature / Humidity10°C-50°C (50°F-122°F), 80% RH
Scope of DeliveryGE-50576-A Acoustic Belt Tension Tester, touch pen, microphone, USB cable, Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery and protection cover in a portable zipper pouch.
Battery WarrantySix (6) months
Country of OriginSouth Korea