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MK-21 Vibration Meter

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The MK-21 accurately measures machine vibration, as recommended by ISO 10816, to alert the user to know when to provide cost-effective machinery maintenance to avoid costly down time, now and in the future.

In addition to standard approaches, the MK-21uniquely checks machinery condition, in the Diagnostic mode, without reference to a chart … as easy as reading a, bb, ccc and dddd on the display - where a = Quite Good (Zone A), bb = Good (Zone B), ccc = Poor (Zone C) and dddd = Bad (Zone D).

Condition Zones A,B,C & D cover those vibration velocity ranges noted in ISO 10816.


  • Five (5) measuring modes: Diagnostic, Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration Peak and Acceleration, as required for a wide choice of vibration analysis techniques.
  • Compact, ergonomic, lightweight design with simple button keypad and menu make for easy operation.
  • Selectable backlit display for dark, hard-to-read locations
  • Four (4) Target Machinery Classes, per ISO 10816, in Diagnostic mode: Classes I, II, III and IV, for machines from less that 15 KW to Large Prime Movers, such as turbo generators and gas turbines with outputs greater than 10 MW.
  • Powerful magnet-fitted sensor assures dependable mounting on vibrating steel surfaces

Measuring and Frequency Ranges

Low Range HI Range
Measuring Range ACC 0.0 ~ 20.0 m/s² 0 ~ 200 m/s²
ACCP 0.0 ~ 20.0 m/s² 0 ~ 200 m/s²
VEL 0.0 ~ 20.0 mm/s 0 ~ 200 mm/s
DISP 0 ~ 200 µm 0 ~ 1990 µm
Frequency Range ACC 1k ~ 20kHz
ACCP 1k ~ 20kHz
VEL 10 ~ 1kHz
DISP 10 ~ 1kHz

Complete Kit

The MK-21 is supplied as a complete kit with the gauge and wrist strap, probe and cable assembly, batteries and instruction manual -- all supplied in a fitted, hard plastic carrying.



Sensor:Piezoelectric vibration pickup
Probe Operating temperature:0 ~ 80° Celsius
Probe Dimensions:Ø 24 x 14mm (Total heigth 115mm)
Measuring modes:Acceleration (ACC): RMS value
Acceleration (ACCP): PEAK value
Velocity (VEL): RMS value
Displacement (DISP): P-P value
Linearity:<+/-2% F.S. of each range
Resolution:1/200 F.S. of each range
Display:4½ - digit LCD display
Display Size:18.4 x 49.8 mm
Power:One AA alkaline battery
Automatic power off:- No use for more than 10 minutes
- Low battery
Battery life:> 8 hours continuous use (light off)
Operating temperature:0° ~ 50° Celsius (<90% RH, Non condensing)
Storage temperature:-10° ~ 60° Celsius (<90% RH, Non condensing)
Dimensions:69 W x 30 D x 154 H mm
Weight:Approx. 140g (battery included)
Warranty:Gauge: 1 year
Probe: 90 days

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MK-21 Vibration Meter, measurings according to ISO 10816
Replacement Piezoelectric Vibration Pickup for MK-21 (formerly PU-626E)
Replacement Piezoelectric Vibration Pickup for MK-21 (formerly PU-601R)
Coiled Cable for use on PU-626E or PU-6ALV6 Vibration Pickup for MK-21
Magnet for use with MK-21 Vibration Meter
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