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LDT Ultrasonic Leak Detector

Made in Germany
air leak detector ldt-1
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The LDT ultrasonic leak detector is designed for pinpointing air leakages, especially in noisy locations, where the leak is not audible by ear. It is also useful for locating leaks in compressed-air systems where air escapes at frequency which humans cannot hear. The sound, which is created by air escaping from a leak, is detected by an ultrasonic receiver and converted to an audible sound and is displayed with an optical indication on the instrument.

The LDT can be used to locate leaks in
  • pneumatic systems
  • vacuum equipment
  • valves and fittings
  • steam pipes
  • oxygen sockets in hospitals
  • air conditioning systems in automotive vehicles
  • Door and window seals of cars, pressurized containers, ships, trucks, buses, trains, airplanes etc.
For difficult to reach locations we offer a longer goose neck probe as well as a parabolic dish with integrated ultrasonic sensor and laser pointer. The integrated laser pointer makes it easy to trace leaks over distances from 20m to more than 100m for bigger leaks. The parabolic dish is made of transparent plastic, so that the leaks are easily visible. All incoming ultrasonic waves are reflected from the dish and focused at the ultrasonic receiver. Noise is ignored.

LDT measuring with standard 100mm probe


  • Detect leaks larger than 0.1 mm ⌀
  • Optional Parabolic Reflector for long-range sensing of 5-20 meters (15 - 60 ft)
  • Fast and Easy to use
  • Reduces running costs and consumption of compressed air
  • Increases the reliability of pneumatic systems
  • Optional Parabolic Reflector (p/n 55006H) For detecting leaks in the range 5-20 meters (15 - 60 ft), supplied with Laser Pointer to identify source of leak


  1. Attach probe to LDT.
  2. Plug in and put on the headphones.
  3. Press power button.
  4. Adjust volume until you hear some hissing in the head phones. The first yellow LED will light up.
  5. Direct the sensor to the area of equipment that needs to be checked. These areas are normally tubes, fittings and screws. For longer distances, the laserpointer inside the parabolic dish is a helpful direction finder.
  6. A leak has been detected if the audio signal increases and the LED signal changes into the red area.

Optional Accessories

55001H - Long Gooseneck Probe, 260mm

55003H - Ultrasonic Transmitter for leakage checks inside sealed compartments

55004H - 9V rechargeable battery with charger

55005H - Standard Gooseneck Probe, 110mm

55006H - Parabolic Reflector/Dish with laser pointer

Complete Kit

The LDT is supplied as a complete kit with 110mm probe, pin-point detection probe, headphones and calibration certificate in a fitted carrying case.


Power supply9V battery
DisplayLED Indicator
Dimensions180 x 90 x 60 mm
Protection classIP 67
Housing materialABS with electromagnetic shield
Operating temperature0-55 C
Approval markCE ( tested against electromagnetic disturbances and emissions)


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Ultrasonic Leak Detector Complete Kit
Parabolic Reflector/Dish with laser pointer for use with LDT-1 for detecting leaks at a range of 5 - 20 meters (15-60 ft)
Long Gooseneck Probe for use on LDT-1, 260mm
Ultrasonic Transmitter for leakage checks inside sealed compartment, for use with LDT-1
9V rechargeable battery with charger for use with LDT-1
Standard Gooseneck Probe for LDT, 110mm length
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