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TSF-300MC Dial Torque Wrench, 0-300lb-ft, 3/4" Drive with Memory Needle and Carrying Case

Made in USA
Dial Torque Wrench TSQ and TSF
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TS Series dial torque wrenches are designed for precision torque measurement and application. Built with chrome plated high alloy steel, TS series wrenches are rugged and durable. These tools feature a torsional bar system manufactured from a special molybdenum alloy steel that is electronically heat treated to exacting standards. Mated to these exclusive torsional elements are precision Swiss made dial indicators resulting in uncompromised accuracy, even after years of service. TS Series dials are uncomplicated and simple to read thereby eliminating errors so common in other brands.

Standard accuracy is +/- 3% of indicated value

Conforms to Federal Specification GGG-W-00686C.

All tools are manufactured in the USA and are shipped with NIST certs.


  • Made in the USA
  • Includes calibration certificate
  • Can provide Dual Scale English/Metric units as an option (Ft-lbs/N-m)

Force Ranges

ModelTorque RangeDial GraduationsDrive SizeOverall LengthWeight
TSQ-300 - 30 in-lbs0.5 in-lbs1/4"10.0"0.75 lbs
TSQ-750 - 75 in-lbs1 in-lbs1/4"10.0"0.75 lbs
TSQ-1000 - 100 in-lbs2 in-lbs3/8"10.0"0.75 lbs
TSQ-1500 - 150 in-lbs2.5 in-lbs3/8"10.0"0.75 lbs
TSQ-3000 - 300 in-lbs5 in-lbs3/8"12.5"1.25 lbs
TSQ-6000 - 600 in-lbs10 in-lbs3/8"12.5"1.25 lbs
TSF-250 - 25 ft-lbs0.5 ft-lbs3/8"12.5"1.25 lbs
TSF-50-3/80 - 50 ft-lbs1 ft-lbs3/8"12.5"1.25 lbs
TSF-50-1/20 - 50 ft-lbs1 ft-lbs1/2"12.5"1.25 lbs
TSF-1000 - 100 ft-lbs2 ft-lbs1/2"18.5"2.50 lbs
TSF-1500 - 150 ft-lbs5 ft-lbs1/2"18.5"2.50 lbs
TSF-1750 - 175 ft-lbs5 ft-lbs1/2"18.5"2.50 lbs
TSF-2000 - 200 ft-lbs5 ft-lbs1/2"18.5"2.50 lbs
TSF-250-1/20 - 250 ft-lbs5 ft-lbs1/2"21.0"2.50 lbs
TSF-250-3/40 - 250 ft-lbs5 ft-lbs3/4"23.0"6.50 lbs
TSF-3000 - 300 ft-lbs10 ft-lbs3/4"30.0"6.50 lbs
TSF-3500 - 350 ft-lbs10 ft-lbs3/4"30.0"6.50 lbs
TSF-4200 - 420 ft-lbs10 ft-lbs3/4"40.0"9.00 lbs
TSF-6000 - 600 ft-lbs20 ft-lbs3/4"40.0"9.00 lbs
NOTE: INLINE RATCHET available on TSF-250-3/4, TSF-300, TSF-350, TSF-420 and, TSF-600

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Complete Kit

The TS Series comes complete with the gauge and calibration certificate in a carrying case.


Accuracy± 3% of indicated value

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Dial Torque Wrench, 0-300lb-ft, 3/4" Drive with Memory Needle and Carrying Case
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