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TT Dial Measuring Torque Screwdriver

Made in UK
TT dial screwdriver gedore mountz
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gedore TT screwdriverThe TT torque screwdriver is designed for precision assembly and quality control applications. A dial indicator displays real-time application and removal torque. The memory system holds maximum torque reached.

Absolute accuracy: Unique torsion bar mechanism to ensure total precision

Dual scale: Dial provides efficient measurement in Metric and Imperial torque units in both directions, delivering flexibility and minimizing tool investment

Ease of use: Lightweight materials. Tools can be used by operators at any skill level

Long tool life: High quality, robust construction: stainless steel shaft, attractive colored aluminum handle, and sturdy dial

Measure Process Conformity: Unique memory function enables these tools to carry out the Just Move and Break Loose Quality Auditing Tests

No risk of tool damage: Overload Protection System with unique positive contact mechanism

Operational versatility: Torque can be measured as it is applied (Track mode) or when the maximum torque value has been recorded (Peak mode)


  • The preferred and certified ranges of these tools is in accordance with the requirements of ISO 6789:2003 (+/- 6% of indicated reading).
  • Flat tension spring is used to give the best linear characteristics in both directions.
  • Dual American and S.I. graduated scales.
  • Quality constructed with stainless steel shafts, attractive colored aluminum handles and sturdy dials for maximum tool life.
  • NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate OPTIONAL

Measuring Range

Range Graduation
Model American S.I. American S.I. Drive
TT50 14 – 70 ozf.in 10 – 50 cN.m 2 ozf.in 2 cN.m 1/4" F/Hex
TT100 28 – 140 ozf.in  20 – 100 cN.m 5 ozf.in 5 cN.m 1/4” F/Hex
TT250 4 – 20 in.lbs  50 – 250 cN.m 0.5 lbf.in 10 cN.m 1/4" F/Hex
TT500 8 – 40 in.lbs 100 – 500 cN.m 1 lbf.in 20 cN.m 1/4" F/Hex



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TT 50 FH Dial Screwdriver, 1/4" F/Hex drive - 020151, 017400
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TT 500 FH Dial Screwdriver, 1/4" F/Hex, - MZ-020157, GD-017700, or 7096620
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