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RGED Wireless Digital Torque Wrench

RGED Wireless Torque Wrench
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The Wireless Digital Torque Wrench transmits peak data up to 130 feet to the included Torque Management software. A single wireless receiver supports up to ten wireless ratchet or adjustable torque wrenches. Wrenches store up to 200 data when out of range. When back in range, turn the power off then on to upload stored data to the software. Torque Management software keeps a log of all measurements which can be exported in CSV format.

The wrenches are built with forged steel ratchet heads, positive-lock drives and a 36 tooth gear with double claw ratchets which allows smaller movements between clicks or forged steel heads and specially designed jaws that maintain consistent working length whether the jaws are open or closed. The unique power sensor in the ergonomic handle accurately detects and analyzes load applied to the grip to enable precise torque measurement.

Wrenches measure in peak mode, peak with auto zero reset, and real time. Five programmable Go/No Go torque presets stored in memory enable users to check frequently used values. Presets alert the user with an intermittent signal at 90% and a continuous signal at 100% of preset torque using LED and audible indicators (Presets cannot be set at less than 10% of capacity). Selectable lbf-in, lbf-ft, kgf-m, and N-m units. Uses a lithium ion Panasonic CR123A battery. Wireless receiver, GED-Z is included.


  • Wirelessly transmit peak data to a PC up to 130 feet away
  • One wireless receiver supports up to ten wrenches
  • Store up to 200 data in memory for download
  • Rechargeable battery with charger
  • Five programmable Go/No Go torque presets
  • Pass/Fail counter with high/low setpoints
  • Selectable Units: lbf-in, kgf-cm, N-m
  • Peak, peak with auto zero reset and Real Time modes
  • High accuracy ±1.5% F.S. both CW and CCW

RGED Wireless Digital Ratchet Torque Wrench Ranges

RGED030-R2Z13.4 - 265.41.12 - 22.120.160 - 3.0601.50 - 30.001/4"
RGED030-C3Z13.4 - 265.41.12 - 22.120.160 - 3.0601.50 - 30.003/8"
RGED060-R3Z13.5 - 531.01.15 - 44.250.160 - 6.1201.50 - 60.003/8"
RGED085-R3Z19.0 - 75201.60 - 62.700.21 - 8.662.0 - 85.03/8"
RGED135-R4Z28.0 - 1195.02.3 - 99.50.32 - 13.763.1 - 135.01/2"
RGED200-R4Z46.0 - 1770.03.8 - 147.40.55 - 20.405.2 - 200.01/2"

RGED Wireless Digital Adjustable Torque Wrench Ranges

RGED085-W36Z19.0 - 752.01.60 - 62.700.21 - 8.662.0 - 85.0
RGED135-W36Z28.0 - 1195.02.3 - 99.50.32 - 13.763.1 - 135.0
RGED200-W36Z46.0 - 1770.03.8 - 147.40.55 - 20.405.2 - 200.0



Accuracy±1.5% F.S. ±1 LSD
Measuring directionCW and CCW
Measuring unitSelectable lbf-in, lbf-ft, kgf-m, N-m
Data Memory5 (storable Target torque values), 1 (Pass/Fail Mode)
Auto Shut OFFPower automatically turns off after 2 minutes of non-use
BatteryLithium coin battery CR123A
Battery LifeApprox. 2 months (100 usages per day)

Complete Kit

The RGED comes complete with wireless receiver, Torque Management software, two lithium ion batteries and charger, calibration certificate traceable to NIST and carrying case.