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DHT-3 Digital Textile Moisture Meter, Humy Tester III 3 185C

DHT-3 Digital Texture Moisture Meter
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The DHT-3 Textile Moisture Meter instantaneously measures the moisture content in fibers, yarns and bales of raw, synthetic or mixed textile material.

17 stored measurement scales for the following materials: wool ,rayon, cotton, linen, nylon, acrylic, polyester, 50% wool-50%cotton, 60% cotton-40% PES, 70%pac-30% wool, 67%pac-33% cotton, 70%PES-30% wool, 70%pes-30%rayon, 67% PES-33% cotton, 50% PES-50% cotton, 50%PES- 50% rayon, 50%pes-50%pac

The DHT-3 Moisture Meter is supplied with probe holder, connection cable in carrying case, needle probes 414 & 418.

Measuring principle:
The moisture content is determined by measuring the electrical conductivity of the material, which always is proportional to the content of the moisture.

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TEM-1 Scales


  • Includes a factory calibration certificate with data
  • Instantaneously measures the humidity percentage in fibers, yarns and bales of raw, synthetic or mixed textile material.
  • Easy to use for many applications
  • 17 stored measurement scales
  • Portable, battery-operated
  • 0 -100 scale for comparison tables used for other materials like Polyester, Polyamid and many material mixtures
  • High accuracy and repeatability

Application Range

MaterialMeasuring Range
Wool (Wo)8 - 24.5 % R.H.
Cotton (Bw)2 - 12 % R.H.
Rayon (Zw)3 - 23 % R.H.
Hemp (Ha)2 - 15.5 % R.H.
Jute (Ju)3 - 21.5 % R.H.
Paper2 - 16.5 % R.H.
Linen (Li)4 - 14.5 % R.H.
Nylon (PA)1.5 - 6 % R.H.
Acryl (PAC)0.1 - 2.4 % R.H.
Polyester (PES)0.5 - 3.5 % R.H.
50 PES/50 Zw4 - 12.5 % R.H.
50 PES/50 PAC0.5 - 1.5 % R.H.
50 PES/50Bw1 - 7 % R.H.
67 PES/33 Bw1 - 4.5 % R.H.
70 PES/30 Zw1 - 9.5 % R.H.
70 PES/30 Wo2 - 6.5 % R.H.
67 PAC/33 Bw2 - 6 % R.H.
70 PAC/30 Wo3 - 8 % R.H.
60 Bw/40 PES2 - 9 % R.H.
50 Wo/50 Zw4 - 24 % R.H.

Standard Electrodes

Textile Moisture Meter Electrode 414
2-pin electrode 10 cm long for hanks
Textile Moisture Meter Electrode 418
8-pin electrode 6 cm long for spools and bobbins

Optional Electrodes

Textile Moisture Meter Electrode 412
2-pins electrode 30 cm long for cotton and wool bales
Textile Moisture Meter Electrode 416
Roller electrode for fabrics
Textile Moisture Meter Electrode 422
Set of 2 different calibration electrodes with fixed moisture values. Needed for varification and re-adjusting of the instrument.
Textile Moisture Meter Electrode 428
To measure room temperature °C and RH %. Useful parameters to check the balance condition of the materialunder testing. Length 170 mm, weight 60 g
202 202
For raw cotton, with a friction clutch permitting adjustment of a constant pressure. For measuring bulk goods such as cotton etc.The material is poured into the cup and compressed with the pad of the compression screw. As the material is compressed, it is crushed on the crusher cone to ensure accurate readings. The electrode connects to the moisture meter direct, without the use of the universal measuring cable.
Requires use of additional cable, P/N: 50400CM
For measuring harder materials e. g. felt, needle length 17 mm, weight 40 g 208

For measuring harder materials e. g. felt, needle length 17 mm, weight 40 g

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Digital Textile Moisture Meter

Complete Kit

The DHT-3 Textile Moisture Meter is supplied with a probe holder, connection cable, and probes 414 and 418 in a plastic carrying case.


Residual moistureDirect reading:
wool, rayon, cotton, hemp, jute, paper, linen, nylon, acrylic, polyester, 50 PES/50 Zw, 50 PES/50 PAC, 50 PES/50 Bw, 67 PES/33 Bw, 70 PES/30 Zw, 70 PES/30 Wo, 67 PAC/33 Bw, 70 PAC/30 Wo, 60 Bw/40 PES, 50 Wo/50 Zw
Indirect reading:
20 conversion sheets for different materials
Accuracy±1% full scale
Room temperature-30 to 70 °C (optional)
RH %5 to 95 % RH (optional)
DisplayLCD, resolution 0.1
Reproducibility0.3 %
Power Supply9V battery
Auto Power Off2 minutes
Dimensions200x 95x 40mm (LxWxH)
Weight net (gross)Approx. 258 g (1650 g)

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Item Description Price
Digital Textile Moisture Meter with 414 and 418 electrodes, Humy Tester III 3
8-Pin Probe, 60 mm long pins (50418M)
2-Pin Probe, 100 mm long pins (50414M)
2-Pin Probe, 300 mm long pins - 50412M
Roller electrode for fabrics - 50416M
Textile Surface Electrode, 20 mm -50426M
Probe for Temp/Humidity Baseline (50428M)
Set of 2 Probes for Lo & Hi Calibration (50422M)
Cup Electrode, 140 x 36mm for cotton (50202M) - Requires Cable 50400CM
Needle Electrode - 17 mm (50208M)
Spare cable, gauge to probe holder (50400M)
DHT-2 Electrode Holder
Cable, 202 Electrode to DHT-2/DHT-3 Moisture Meter
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