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200 Series Sample Cutter for determination of weight in g/m²

Sample Cutter for determination of weight in gm2
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Sample Cutters cut out rapidly, accurately and safely circular specimens of fixed diameter. Virtually any type of material can be cut, including woven, non-woven and knitted textiles, carpet, film, foam, paper and board. Cut specimens are weighed to determine the weight per unit area. Alternatively, specimens are cut to a particular size, suitable for some other form of testing – a good example being a Martindale abrasion or pilling test.

The cutters can handle a material thickness up to about 5mm. If you need more: Model 230/100(C) incorporates heavy-duty Stainless Steel Blades, resulting in a depth of cut of approximately 10mm.


  • Includes 4 High quality stainless steel blades for precision cut
  • Includes cutting board and 4 stainless steel spare blades

Operating Procedure

The material to be cut is placed between the Sample Cutter and the specially-designed Cutting Board. When the safety catch is released, light downward pressure on the handwheel brings the multiple blades into contact with the material. Specimens are cut by rotating the handwheel under a light, even pressure.

The design, and precision manufacture of our instruments, ensures the specimens are perfectly circular and have smooth edges. A UKAS Calibration Certificate is available to validate the cutting accuracy.

To maintain the cutting efficiency, the blades should be turned or changed when they become damaged or blunt, and the cutting board should be turned or changed when it becomes worn. For the best results use only the approved blades and boards.

To determine weight per unit area, the cut specimen is transferred to a digital balance. Weigh a (100cm²) specimen in grammes, multiply the result by 100 and obtain instantly, grammes per square metre (g/m²) The Sartorius Talent Balance TE212 has a maximum weighing capacity of 210g, which caters for any material up to 2100g/m²

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Area of Sample cutout240/100: 100 cm²
230/100: 100 cm²
230/103: 1/100th yd² (no longer available)
230/50: 50 cm²
230/38: 12 cm²
230/10: 10 cm²
Max Cutting thickness240/100: 3mm
230/100: 10mm
230/103: 10mm
230/50: 5mm
230/38: 5mm
230/10: 5mm
Sample Diameter240/100: 113mm
230/100: 113mm
230/103: 103mm
230/50: 80mm
230/38: 38mm
230/10: 36mm

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Item Description Price
240/100 Sample Cutter, Cuts 100 cm² Sample, 3mm Max Thickness
230/100 Sample Cutter, Cuts 100 cm² Sample, 10mm Max Thickness
230/103 Sample Cutter, Cuts 1/100th yd² Sample, 10mm Max Thickness
230/50 Sample Cutter, Cuts 50 cm² Sample, 5mm Max Thickness
230/38 Sample Cutter, Cuts 12 cm² Sample, 5mm Max Thickness
230/10 Sample Cutter, Cuts 10 cm² Sample, 5mm Max Thickness
100 Spare Stainless Steel Blades for 240/100 - Cuts samples up to 3mm
20 Spare Stainless Steel Blades for 230/100 - Cuts samples up to 10mm
1 Spare Rubber Plate/Cutting Board
10 Spare Rubber Plates/Cutting Board
Replacement Hand Wheel for 240/100
Pack of 100 pcs. of Spare Cutting Blades for 240/100 for use with Carbon Fiber & Similar Materials
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