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SK 122 FM High-Capacity, Water-Proof
Online Tension Sensor

Made in Germany
SK 122 FM Water-Proof Online Tension Sensor
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3 Ranges
200 KG (440 LBS/2000N)
300 KG (660 LBS/3000N)
400 KG (880 LBS/4000N)

Completely sealed tension sensor is constructed from stainless steel with an IP67 waterproof rating designed for use in a wide variety of tension/force sensing application, even when submerged in water. Also suitable for high force application as well as those application where there is a significant quantity of airborne particulate or chemicals.

Its unique strain-gauge design delivers excellent measurement precision and stability as well as providing maximum overload protection. This sensor is supplied with a 17mm diameter, non-rotating bearing journal typically used with customer-supplied rollers or guide pulleys.

Offered with "FM" Flat Mounting Style or "CM" Cylindrical Mounting Style


  • 17mm non-rotating bearing journal for user-supplied rollers or sheaves
  • A single-roller system designed to use an existing reversing point for tension measurement
  • Completely sealed sensor fabricated from stainless steel is IP67 Waterproof rated
  • Resolution of 0.1% and better
  • Rugged stainless steel housing is environmentally sealed
  • Overload protection up to 800%
  • Supplied with a 10 ft. (3 m) integrated cable. Optional lengths are available
  • Offered with "FM" Flat Mounting Style or "CM" Cylindrical Mounting Style
  • Custom sensor designs can be developed to meet specific applications requirements. Inquire.


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Tension & Force Definitions



Measuring Ranges200 KG (440 LBS/2000N)
300 KG (660 LBS/3000N)
500 KG (1100 LBS/5000N)
Measuring PrincipleStrain Gauge
Accuracy±0.5% Full Scale or better
Sensor Excitation10 VDC (12 VDC, max.)
Sensor Output1.5 mV/V
Input Resistance1000 Ohms
Output Resistance1000 Ohms
Overload Protection400 - 800%
Deflection0.07mm (max.)
Housing MaterialStainless Steel
Environmental ProtectionIP67 (Water-Proof)
Cable Type4.5 mm diameter shielded cable with bare leads
Cable Length10 ft. (3 meter) integrated, longer lengths available. Inquire
Operating Temperature15 to 122° F (-10 to 50° C)
Fequency Responce5 msec (200 Hz)
Resultant Force[Line Tension] x sine α [wrap angle]
Zero Adjustment±45%