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Pressure-Mate Cutting Force Measurement On Rotary Die Cutters

Pressure-Mate Cutting Force Measurement
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Application area is the adjustment of pre-tensioning force and the monitoring of cutting force in rotary die cutters. This is important for a reproducible cutting result and for a long operating life of the cutting unit.

The Pressure Mate system consists of:
  • two threaded spindles with built-in force sensors (Axial Force Sensor)
  • a 2-channel measuring amplifier DMV 05. The cutting force is measured on both bearing positions of the cutting die and is displayed in kg.

The analog output signal of the measuring amplifier is exactly proportional to the real periodic cutting force. It can be recorded and analyzed with HCC-Easy Software

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Technical Info

The correct adjustment of the pre-tensioning force and continuous monitoring of the cutting force minimizes the mechanical stress on:
  • rotary cutting dies
  • rotary anvils
  • bearings
  • toothed wheels
  • supporting rollers
An increasing cutting force due to temperature for example can be detected and re-adjusted immediately.
Pressure Mate ensures constant high product quality, decreasing downtime and increasing operating life of the cutting dies.

exemplary characteristics of cutting force

In contrast to hydraulic gauges principally Pressure Mate has no mechanical elastic compliance. It´s a measurement without motion in order to avoid relative movement between rotary cutting die and rotary anvil.

As a result of the sensor´s high mechanical stiffness the cutting process is very stable, free of vibration and precisely.