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OTSE-CF Carbon Fiber Tension Sensor

Made in Germany
OTSE-CF Carbon Fiber Tension Sensor
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The OTSE-CF sensor is specifically-designed for accurate tension measurement on carbon fiber tows, bundles and ribbons (CFK). The compact design and unique packaging allows for easy integration into a production line, e.g. after the unwinding creel. Any grid spacing and grouping is possible by using a customized carrier rail. Optional integrated connector is available for connection to a air supply providing an internal positive pressure inside the housing preventing carbon fiber dust from entering and reducing internal temperatures.

The OTSE-CF includes built in amplifier, the OTS-CF sensor is also available without amplifier.


  • Sliding sleeve (roller) has special coating optimized for transporting carbon fiber bundles
  • Compact housing design - only 22 mm wide allows for hi-density pacecment of sensors when multiple tows are to be measured
  • Very high overload protection up to 10x
  • Sliding sleeve is easily replaceable
  • Robust aluminium housing
  • Provides high accuracy tension measurement and long-term stability
  • Built-in measuring amplifier
  • A specialized mounting system using a carrier rail
  • Optional sealing gas connection

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