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CDT-ADAP-TW Welding Wire Feed Speed Meter / Adapter

CDT-ADAP-TW Welding Wire Feed Speed Meter
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For use on Welding Wire Diameter Range of 0.032" - 0.120" (0.8 to 3.0mm)

Accurately measure the linear feed speed of welding wire using the new CDT-ADAP-TW accessory. Designed for use with our CDT-2000HD Hand-Held Digital Tachometer, this accessory is specifically-designed for measurement of unstressed welding wire with a diameter range of 0.032" - 0.120" (0.8 to 3.0mm). It features an all-metal construction designed for trouble-free use even in the toughest production environments. Designed and fabricated in Germany, the CDT-ADAP-TW slides onto the end of the CDT-2000HD Tachometer extending its standard "Tachometer Functions", offering a world class solution for welding wire feeding speed measurement.

Operation is simple and requires no training. The wire is placed between the rollers by pressing the top to release the jaws. As soon as the wire feed is triggered, the speed is measured and recorded on the digital display. ​The CDT-2000HD is a Combination Portable Tachometer combining the best features of both contact and non-contact measurement models to accurately measure RPM, surface speed and length. The CDT-2000HD is covered by a 5-Year warranty.

How to Use


  • For use on Welding Wire Diameter Range of 0.032" - 0.120" (0.8 to 3.0mm)
  • Wire Speed can be measured in any of the following user-selected units: m/min, ft/min, in/min
  • Total Length can also be measured and displayed (in Meters, Feet or Inches)
  • Spring-loading and ball-bearing mounted contact roller eliminates slip and makes for highest possible accuracy
  • Accuracy Class of 0.02% of reading
  • Designed and fabricated in Germany

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