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DT-326B-EU Battery Powered LED Stroboscope with Euro Plug

DT-32B High Performance LED Stroboscope
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The Series DT-326B is a portable, light-weight stroboscope utilizing super bright high powered LED lamps.

The DT-326B's LED array provides a bright, stable strobe light over a wide measurement range with a lifetime far exceeding xenon lit stroboscopes. Containing a rechargeable lithium battery, a single charge can last up to a full 12 hours of operation. The DT-326B is designed for speed and frequency measurements in motion and vibration analysis applications. It is ideal for predictive and preventive maintenance applications such as; motors, shafts, roto-gravure printing, extruders, blow molding, wire lettering and striping, engraving, pulse jets, water jets, fans, cams, gear teeth, belt inspections, fuel injectors, vibration analysis, audio speaker analysis, spindle spinning, cutting blade timing and sharpness, plus many more in the printing, packaging, textile, automotive, cable, mining, steel, chemical, optical, medical and shipbuilding industries.


  • Wide Flash Range: 60 – 120,000 Flashes/min. (1-2000 Hz) can be adjusted to meet almost any high-speed application
  • Adjustable Flash Pulse duration achieves sharper images for detailed inspection
  • AC Operation:100 – 240 VAC Line Power Operation with AC adapter for continuous use or rechargeable battery for maximum portability
  • Phase Shift Advances or retards flash timing for viewing gear teeth, cutting surfaces, repeats or "drifting" images
  • Trigger Input Interface: Input sensor trigger function allows process machinery to control flash rate
  • Delay time adjustment combined with leading or trailing edge activation simplifies process set-up when using external signal input
  • x2 and 1/2 keys for large adjustment rate change or +/- for fine tuning
  • Long-life LED operation
  • 1 Year Warranty

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Flash Rate Range60 to 120,000 FPM ; 1-2000 Hz
Accuracy0.01%±1 digit of F.S. @ 77° F (25°C)
Lux Rating (Approx.)6000 FPM & 2.5°: Distance 8˝ (20 cm) 5800 lx with 4˝ (100 mm) irradiation dia., Distance 20˝ (50 cm) 1050 lx with 6˝ (152 mm) irradiation dia. 1500 FPM & 2.5°: Distance 8˝ (20 cm) 6400 lx with 4˝ (100 mm) irradiation dia., Distance 20˝ (50 cm) 1125 lx with 6˝ (152 mm) irradiation dia
Lamp LifetimeApproximately 3~5 years depending on usage
DisplayBacklit LCD
Resolution60 ~12,000 FPM = 0.1 FPM
12,001~120,000 FPM = 1 FPM
1~200 HZ = 0.01 Hz
201~2000 = 0.1 Hz
Flash Duration0.1°- 2.5°
Phase Shift0-359°
Power Requirement100-240 VAC 50/60Hz
BatteryLithium DC 10.8V 2000mA
Battery LifeApprox. 12 hours depending on settings
Input Signal12 V Pulse Input
Input Signal Range60-12,000 FPM (1-2000Hz)
Input pulse width32-95°F (0-35°C)
Humidity Limits35 to 85% RH
Product Weight0.84 lb (380 g)
Package Weight3.50 lb (1.6 kg)
Dimensions8.2 x 2.8 x 2.4” (208 x 70 x 60mm)
Country OriginChina
Included AccessoriesAC power adapter, Carrying Case

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Battery Powered LED Stroboscope with Euro Plug
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