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DT-315P NEMA 4X (IP65) Stroboscope with rechargeable battery, 115V AC-Charger and protective case

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The DT-315P Battery Powered, NEMA 4X Stroboscope for Harsh Applications. The DT-315P is a rugged, sealed NEMA 4X (IP65) Stroboscope suitable for working in areas without AC power. The DT-315P works just like the DT-315A battery operated strobe. Equipped with Phase shifting in angle of delay (0-359 degrees) and flash time delay, (0-300 mSEC) the DT-315P is engineered for checking the timing and wear on rotating and reciprocating machinery. With its rugged, metal body and NiCd rechargeable battery, the DT-315P provides the maintenance and quality professional a rugged, accurate strobetach for inspection on presses, conveyors, gear reducers, chain drives, fuel injectors, paint spray patterns, and many other harsh environment, industrial applications.


  • Extruded aluminum, NEMA 4X construction: Extraordinary durability yields long service life
  • Internal battery supply: Lightweight; enables easy portability
  • Repeatable accuracy (± 0.01% of reading): Fully meets the strictest tolerances
  • Phase shift (in degrees of delay time): Enables visual analysis of rotating/reciprocating objects through all points of motion/time/angle
  • Flash timer control: Prolongs flash tube life
  • Manual flash controller knob: Permits easy/accurate adjustments to flash rate
  • Continuous duty cycle: Eliminates downtime waiting for unit to cool
  • Highly polished focused reflector: Prevents "blind" viewing areas


Display5 digit, 7 segment red LED (Character height 10mm)
FlashtubeXenon lamp TFU-100B-A32
Flashtube PowerMax. 10W
Flashing TimeApprox. 30 µ sec
PowerBattery: Nicd battery, 8KR – 2000 sce SANYO, Operating time: Approx. 1 hour (full charge at 3000 FPM); Battery Charge Time: Approx. 10 hours Do not operate over 10 hours continuously
External power: Disconnect the built-in battery before operating instrument by external power)
DC9 14.5V, Max. 24W (current consumption is 24W/input voltage) or operate by provided adapter; AC115V 10%, 50/60 Hz Max. 40VA
Operating Temperature32 to 104 ° F (0 to 40 °C)
Power RequirementPower Plug & Cable for Recharging Battery Included
Dimensions5.11" W x 6.22" H x 10.20" L (130 W x 158 H x 259 L mm)
Weight4.6 lbs (2.1 kg)
Warranty2 Years
Included AccessoriesInput/Output signal plug, rechargeable battery with AC adapter, protective case
Internal Mode
Flashing Range60.0 ~ 3,000 FPM
Display Accuracy±0.01%
Drift± 0.01 (at 0 ~ 40 °C)
Phase ShiftUse +/- push buttons (360° in 6 seconds)
Display Update Time0.2 sec approx
Output SignalApprox. 12V
Other Functions÷2. x2 Flashings, Phase shift adjustment
External Mode
FlashingsSynchronous Mode: 60.0 ~ 3,000FPM
Delay mode: 200 ~ 3,000 FPM
Delay Angle Setting RangeDelay Mode: 0 ~ 359°, Set by 1°
DisplayRPM, Synchronous mode: 60.0 ~ 3000FPM
Delay Angle, Delay mode: 0 ~ 359° or 0 ~ 300mS conversion display
Display AccuracySynchronous mode: ± 0.01% plus ± 1 digit
Delay mode:+ 0 -0.2mS plus ± 1 digit
Update Time1 per second
Input SignalH Level:2.5 ~ 12V L level:0 ~ 0.4V 50 μs or over for H.L. level Trigger at rising edge Approx. 10Ω impedance
Sensor PowerBattery:6.8 ~ 11.0V Adapter:10.2 ~ 12.2V DC:9 ~ 14.5V : 7.8 ~ 14.1V Max. 40mA (including max 0.6V Ripple)
SetterFlashing, Delay angle: Jog Shuttle Mode, Display Unit: Tact Switch


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