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3070-XP12010 Explosion Proof Magnetic Pick-Up Sensor

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Specifically engineered for use in the oil and petrochemical industries, this stainless steel sensor is completely sealed and explosion-proof. Low impedance allows for transistor circuit input. When mated with conduit, it provides positive protection against damage due to water, high humidity, oil, dirt, or corrosive liquids. ATEX listed for II 2 GEExm II T3. Explosion-proof for gas, vapor, and liquid.


  • Sine wave output from change in magnetic to non-magnetic
  • Change in voltage proportional to magnetic flux intensity over time
  • Range of 0.01" (0.25 mm) typical clearance
  • 10' (3 m) cable
  • Stainless steel housing, explosion-proof ATEX approved: II 2 GEExm II T3


Output Voltage60 VPP MIN.
Coil Resistance170 – 210 OHM@
Output Inductance80 mH TYP
Dielectric500V RMS @ 60 Hz
Leakage Resistance100 MEGAOHMS MIN.
Temp Spec.- 65 to +200 Deg. F


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Explosion Proof Magnetic Pick-Up Sensor
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