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41016 50,000 Lb-Ft / 67,800 Nm Torque Test Stand, 3.5" F Dr, WITH AWS-4050 Display on Articulating Arm

Made in USA
Hydraulic Torque Wrench Tester
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The TT-HY Series of torque testers are designed for precision testing of hydraulic torque wrenches and manual torque multipliers. A machined aluminum frame is designed to be lightweight and rugged providing a long service life in harsh industrial environments.

For most conventional hydraulic wrenches the output square is simply inserted into the internal square of the transducer and then the wrench is activated against the reaction device and the maximum torque will be displayed and/or recorded by the torque analyzer.

When testing cassette type hydraulic wrenches a drive adapter is inserted into the internal drive of the transducer and the cassette wrench is placed over the adapter then activated against the reaction device. Custom drive adapters are available, inquire for details.

Accuracy is ±0.5% of indicated reading, from 5-100% of the rated capacity, satisfying metrology lab requirements.

The TT-HY is available with a built-in display, or without display for customers that prefer to use an external display that can be used with other torque transducers.

Commonly used for testing Rad, Hytorc, Cleco, TorcUP and many other hydraulic wrenches.


  • Includes NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Adjustable Position Reaction Post
  • Does not need to be bolted down
  • Built to order, customization available, inquire
  • Available with Pressure Sensors for Torque vs PSI measurement

Models / Torque Ranges

ModelCalibrated Measuring RangePlate DimensionsWeightType
41011-HY50 - 1000 lb-ft / 67.5 - 1355 Nm12" x 12"20 lbsTable Stand
41012-HY125 - 2500 lb-ft / 170 - 3400 Nm12" x 12"20 lbsTable Stand
41013-HY250 - 5000 lb-ft / 340 - 6800 Nm12" x 12"20 lbsTable Stand
41014-HY375 - 7500 lb-ft / 505 - 10100 Nm12" x 12"25 lbsTable Stand
4101150 - 1000 lb-ft / 67.5 - 1355 Nm14" x 19"50 lbsHeavy-Duty Rolling Cart
41012125 - 2500 lb-ft / 170 - 3400 Nm14" x 19"50 lbsHeavy-Duty Rolling Cart
41013250 - 5000 lb-ft / 340 - 6800 Nm14" x 19"50 lbsHeavy-Duty Rolling Cart
41014375 - 7500 lb-ft / 505 - 10100 Nm14" x 19"50 lbsHeavy-Duty Rolling Cart
41015500 - 10000 lb-ft / 675 - 13550 Nm18" x 24"65 lbsHeavy-Duty Rolling Cart
410251250 - 25000 lb-ft / 1700 - 34000 Nm18" x 24"65 lbsHeavy-Duty Rolling Cart
410162500 - 50000 lb-ft / 3400 - 68000 Nm18" x 24"75 lbsHeavy-Duty Rolling Cart

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AWS-4050 Torque Display
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Digital Torque Display
- Can be calibrated to virtually any manufacturer’s strain gauge transducers.
- Bidirectional accuracy of ±0.5% of indicated reading with AWS transducers, ±1% of indicated reading with rotary transducers.
Torque Driver Adapters
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Precision Torque Drive Adapters
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Calibrated Range5-100% Full Scale, bi-directional
Accuracy±0.5% of indicated (within calibrated range)
Overload Protection200% Full Scale bi-directional
Warranty1 Year
Operating Temp32 - 120 °F (0-50 °C)
Specifications below for Optional Display
Resolution4 Active Digits
Operating ModesTrack, Peak, 1st Peak
FilteringSelectable; 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1000Hz, 1500Hz and 2000Hz
Memorydata storage of up to 999 readings
Data OutputRS-232
Display62 x 62mm backlit LCD
Alarm LimitsPanel Mounted LED for Visual Alarm Limits
PowerRechargable NiMH batteries provide 10 -12 hours of continuous use


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50,000 Lb-Ft / 67,800 Nm Torque Test Stand, 3.5" F Dr, WITH AWS-4050 Display on Articulating Arm
Digital Indicator for AWS Torque Transducers
Mil Spec Lemo to Lemo Connecting Cable, Torque Display to Torque Tester
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