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RX-DD-ASK-C-SS Asker C Digital Durometer with Stainless Steel Barrel normally used on sneaker foam

Made in USA
RX-DD-ASK-C-SS Asker C Durometer for Sneaker Midsole Foam
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RX-DD-ASK-C-SS with RX-CLW-C-C attachedThe Check-Line RX-DD-ASK-C-SS digital durometer is specifically designed to measure hardness of sneaker midsoles, EVA foam, foam rubber and foam plastic materials. It displays hardness in the range of 0.0-100.0 Asker C units on its large LCD display.

The RX-DD-ASK-C-SS durometer can measure hardness in real-time or peak mode. While in peak mode it will hold the highest measurement until reset.

The durometer is made in the USA and features a rugged stainless steel barrel. An optional load weight, part number RX-CLW-C-C can be installed onto the durometer barrel to apply a total load of 1kg per Asker C specifications.

The RX-DD-ASK-C-SS durometer can be mounted in a test stand to greatly improve its accuracy and repeatability.


  • Includes NIST-Traceable Calibration Certificate
  • Conforms to JIS K 7312 / Asker C
  • Holds Peak reading until reset
  • 0.1 Unit Resolution
  • One year warranty
  • Includes reference test block

Portable Battery-Powered Printer for Hardcopy Documentation

Need a hard copy printout of your measurement results?

Our P-190 Printer with the G03-0086 Cable will allow you to print each reading as it's shown on the display. The user simply depresses the thumb switch each time they want a value transferred to the printer. Simple yet effective!

The battery-powered P-190 Printer uses standard rolls of adding machine paper, unlike thermal printers the printout will not fade over time. It is supplied with a battery charger for operation on all power worldwide.

Order the following items as shown in the accessories section of the BUY NOW section at the bottom of this page.
P-190 Printer
G03-0086 Data Transfer Cable and Thumb Switch

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Measruing Range0 - 100 Asker C Units
Resolution0.1 Units
Weight7.15 oz.
Power Supply(2) 3V CR-2450 Batteries
115V AC Adapter Included. 230V AC Adapter Optional
Warranty1 year
Mounting Thread5/16-40

Complete Kit

The RX-DD-ASK-C-SS is supplied as a complete kit including the durometer, calibration certificate, reference block and instruction manual in a foam-fitted metal carrying case.

Oversized case DCLW-CC that fits the durometer, load weight and test block is optionally available.

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Asker C Digital Durometer with Stainless Steel Barrel normally used on sneaker foam
Custom Test Stand for RX-DD-ASK-C-SS Durometer, with an extended column, top mount weight, swivel sample plate, 7in diameter base, and large lifting knob
Constant Load Weight for Asker C Durometer with pencil type barrel, Tapered Design, NB Spec
Oversized Carrying Case for Durometer with Constant Load Weight Attached
Asker C Durometer Test Block Kit with NIST traceable certificate, 3 Color Coded Blocks
Smart USB Data Transfer Cable, Sends data to any Windows program with press of a button - 600-11-KB-USB
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