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RFS200S Radial force measuring axle

RFS200S Radial force measuring axle
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Available in various rated load ranges:
0 - 0.5 kN up to 0 - 10 kN


  • Special design for tension measurement in disk accumulator
  • Easy to adapt
  • Milled planes on the axle journal
  • Robust, anodised steel housing


Rated Measuring Ranges (FN)0 - 0.5 up to 0 - 10 kN
Rated output1.0 mV/V
Rated output tolerance< ± 0.2%
Accuracy Class0.3
Excitation Voltage max.12 V
Reference Excitation Voltage10 V
Input Resistance350 ±3 Ω
Output Resistance350 ±1 Ω
Isolation Resistance> 10 GΩ
Rated Temperature Range5 - 50 °C
Option: -10 - 70 °C
Operational Rated Temperature RangeSensor: -10 - 70 °C
Connection Cable: -30 - 80 °C
Storage Temperature Range-30 - 70 °C
Reference Temperature23 °C
Temperature Influence per 10KOn the zero point (TK0): <±0.1 %FN
On the calibration (TKC): <±0.15 %FN
Creep after 30 minutes< ±0.05 %FN
Linear output signal up toapprox. 125 %FN
Mech. overload protection takes effect atapprox. 140 %FN
Overload protected1200 to 400 %FN(depending on nominal force)
Ultimate side load200 %FN
Deflection at nominal force0.07 to 0.25 mm (depending on nominal force)
Natural frequency of the sensor> 0.25 kHz (depending on nominal force)
Weightapprox. 1.6 kg
Connection Cable3m long , flexible, shielded, 4 x 0.14 mm2, total-Ø 4.5 mm
Sensor Housinghigh-tensile steel, black finishing
Protection ClassIP 50
1 radial incoming force without additional bending or tilting moment

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