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RDA-1000F Rundown Fixture, 1000 Lb-ft / 1355 Nm, 1" Drive - 063991

Made in USA
Run Down Adapters Mountz
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Run down adapters (RDA) are designed to provide consistent and reliable torque readings when testing power driven torque control tools. RDA’s reduce the impact and irregular peaks that cause poor repeatability. Each RDA has an effective torque range and will provide repeatable torque data within that range if used correctly. The run down adapter is mounted in-line between the tool drive and transducer.


  • Designed to provide consistent and reliable torque readings for use with power driven torque control tools.
  • Adapter is mounted in-line between tool drive and transducer.
  • Hardened thread components, increase accuracy and life.
  • Square drives conform to ASME B107 standards for proper fit.
  • Non-rotating body for improved safety.
  • Compact size and lightweight.
  • Operates in clockwise direction only. After each run down, the RDA should be completely backed-up

Torque Ranges

ModelCapacity*Square Drive (M/F)
RDA-10i10 Lb-in / 113 N-cm1/4"
RDA-25i25 Lb-in / 282 N-cm1/4"
RDA-50i50 Lb-in / 5.6 Nm1/4"
RDA-100i100 Lb-in / 11 Nm1/4"
RDA-250i250 Lb-in / 28 Nm1/4"
RDA-750i750 Lb-in / 85 Nm3/8"
RDA-50F50 lb-ft / 68 Nm3/8"
RDA-100F100 Lb-ft / 135 Nm1/2"
RDA-250F250 Lb-ft / 340 Nm1/2"
RDA-500F500 Lb-ft / 677 Nm3/4"
RDA-1000F1000 Lb-ft / 1355 Nm1"
RDA-2500F2500 Lb-ft / 3390 Nm1 1/2"
RDA-5000F5000 Lb-ft / 6780 Nm1 1/2"

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*The usable range of the Run-Down varies by tool and application. If you have any concerns, please contact us to review your application.

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