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DTWB - DTWX Digital Tension Meter

Made in Germany
DTWB - DTWX Digital Tension Meter
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DTWB Standard Model
DTWX Data-Logging Model

2 Ranges Up To 50 Kg
For material diameters up to 6mm (.250")


  • Large bending radius assures gentle handling of the material being measured
  • A precision strain-gauge sensing system accurately measures the force on the middle sensing roller.
  • High-Speed Measurement Captures Max, Min & Peak Tension Values

DTWX Additional Features

  • Built-in datalogging with RS232 and 0-1 VDC Analog output
  • Memory capacity of 100 values plus min, max, peak, avg and standard deviation
  • Optional TensionView software available for batch download or continuous real-time trending

    Tension Ranges

    ModelRangeResolutionMeas. Head Width
    2.00 - 20.00 Kg0.01 Kg285 mm
    5.00 - 50.00 Kg0.01 Kg285 mm


    Roller Details Image Dimensions
    Center Roller
    Max Speed:
    1000 m/min
    Material: Hard-Coated Aluminum
    Part Number: R12900
    Outer Rollers
    Max Speed:
    1000 m/min
    Material: Hard-Coated Aluminum
    Part Number: R12902

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    Complete Kit

    The DTWB / DTWX is supplied as a complete kit including tension meter, four (4) AA batteries and isntruction manual in rugged plastic carrying case.


    Accuracy*± 0.5% Full Scale, ± 1 digit
    (10 - 90% of Full Scale)
    ± 3.0% Full Scale, ± 1 digit
    (Remaining portion of range)
    Measuring Frequency16 m/sec (62.5 samples/sec)
    Deflection of Sensing Roller0.2 mm (maximum)
    Overload Capacity200% of Full Scale
    Display4-Digit LCD, 12 mm high
    Display Update Rate0.5, 1.0, 2.0 or 4.0 seconds, dip-switch selectable
    Standard MemoryLast, maximum, minimum and peak
    Field Calibration Adjustment± 7 steps, 1.5% per step
    Battery TypeFour (4) 1.5 V AA (included)
    Battery Life20 hours, continuous use
    Auto Power OffAfter 2 minutes of non-use
    Roller MaterialHard-Coated Aluminum
    Maximum Speed1000 meters per minute
    Housing MaterialDie-cast Aluminum
    Weight1.43 lbs. (650 g)
    Operating Temperature32 to 132 °F (0 to 45 °C)
    WarrantyOne year

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