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DI-1M-500 Impact Torque Tester, 362 lb-ft / 500 Nm, Requires Spring Adapter (sold separately)

Made in Japan
DI-1M Impact Tool Torque Tester
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DI-1M torque testers are perfectly suited for on-the-spot calibration of impact drivers and air tools, but will calibrate any type of power driver. These fast response units give a digital readout of peak value in either clockwise or counterclockwise direction and also indicate the number of blows for a selected time period from 0.1 to 9.9 seconds. These instruments have an accuracy of ±0.5%, ±1 LSD and lbf-in/lbf-ft, kgf-cm/kgf-m, or N-cm/N-m units are selectable. USB output, auto zero reset, auto shutoff and low battery indicator complete the set of features. It is powered by an internal NiCad battery or the included AC adapter.

DI-1M Impact Tool Torque Tester with flange mount sensorPeak, Real Time and Peak Down modes are selectable.
Peak mode captures the peak torque achieved during a test. PEAK reading will not change until a higher value is measured.
Real Time mode displays the real time transient torque value.
Peak down captures the critical first peak value and will not change even if a higher value is subsequently measured.

Use the 800 internal memory for peak data recall or USB download for analysis by Imada data acquisition software SW-1SV-USB.

The DI-1M is supplied with the remote sensor, display unit, cable and AC adapter/charger.

Calibrate your own air tools and impact wrenches and save down time.

L-bracket sold separately.


  • Includes NIST-Traceable Calibration Certificate
  • Easy to read LED panel displays reference torque value in lbf-ft, kgf-m and N-m (selectable); and number of blows for selected period (0.1 - 9.9 sec)
  • Accuracy: ±0.5% F.S. ±1 LSD ( 32° to 100°F)
  • USB data output (peak data only)
  • Peak, Real Time and Peak Down measuring modes (selectable)
  • Ergonomic light weight, torque tester with heavy duty metal construction
  • Runs on internal NiCad batteries (8 hour use)
  • ISO/IEC 17025 Long-form Certificate & Test Data is optionally available
  • 1 Year Warranty

Force Ranges

ModelCapacityDrive Size
DI-1M-503.0 - 440.0 lb-in
3.0 - 500.0 kg-cm
30 - 5000 N-cm
3/8" Sq. Dr.
DI-1M-200A30 - 1800 lb-in
30 - 2000 kg-cm
3.0 - 200.0 N-m
1/2" Sq. Dr.
DI-1M-2003.0 - 145.0 lb-ft
0.30 - 20.00 kg-m
3.0 - 200.0 N-m
1/2" Sq. Dr.
DI-1M-5003.0 - 362.0 lb-ft
0.30 - 50.00 kg-m
3.0 - 500.0 N-m
3/4" Sq. Dr.
The readings displayed may vary from the actual torque that a tool applies to a thread joint, because testers cannot always duplicate actual joint characteristics. Verify the torque output of the tool being used on the actual assembly, when critical assemblies are involved.

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Optional Spring Adapters

Optional Spring Adapters Simulate Joint characteristics for more accurate measuring.

SJ Spring Adapter Specifications
Model Capacity Drive Screw for Model
SJ-200 200 lbf-in / 22 Nm 3/8" 3/8-16 DI-1M-50
SJ-300 300 lbf-in / 34 Nm 3/8" 1/2-13 DI-1M-50
SJ-500 500 lbf-in / 56 Nm 1/2" 1/2-13 DI-1M-200
SJ-1500 125 lbf-ft / 170 Nm 1/2" 3/4-10 DI-1M-200
SJ-2000 167 lbf-ft / 226 Nm 3/4" 3/4-10 DI-1M-500


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Impact Torque Tester, 362 lb-ft / 500 Nm, Requires Spring Adapter (sold separately)
ISO-17025 Accredited Calibration with Certificate
L-Plate Mounting Bracket
Data Acquisition Software for Torque Testers with RS-232 or USB ports
USB output cable (formerly CB-208)
200 in-lb Spring Adapter for DI-1M-50
300 in-lb Spring Adapter for DI-1M-50
500 in-lb Spring Adapter for DI-1M-200
125 ft-lb Spring Adapter for DI-1M-200
166 lb-ft Spring Adapter for DI-1M-500
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