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DI-12-SL Motorized Torque Screwdriver for Breakaway / Yield

Made in Japan
DI-12 Cedar Slip torque tester
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DI-12-SL motorized torque tester is designed to find the actual yield tightening torque value for specific thread joints which consist of a variety of thread types, multi-layered material, hole sizes, etc.

Torque controlled power tools are set to apply consistent torque, but fasteners are not necessarily tightened to that value if the tools are not calibrated. A breakaway test is used to verify the actual tightened torque of a bolt.

Breakaway torque tests require a skilled, experienced operator to sense when the bolt begins to breakaway. DI-12 automates this complex operation. Once breakaway torque is measured, power drivers can be reset to the proper tightening torque.

DI-12 Automatic Breakaway Torque Tester drives the test piece at consistent speed and detects breakaway torque without overtorquing pretightened fasteners

DI-12 outputs torque data continuously to data acquisition software via the USB virtual COM port, enabling the display of breakaway torque profiles


  • Includes NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate
  • Selectable units: lbf-in, kgf-cm, N-m. ozf-in units avaiable
  • Both CW and CCW operation
  • 1/4" female hex
  • Peak, Real Time and Breakaway/Yield measuring modes (selectable)
  • USB virtual COM port sends peak (1 data) or continuous data (12 or 80 data/second)
  • Detects breakaway torque without overtorquing pretightened fasteners
  • Detects the yield torque of the screw joint
  • Displays real time torque values and captures peak torque
  • Tightens fasteners to preprogrammed torque values
  • Made in Japan

DI-12-SL Demonstration Video

Torque Ranges

Model Range Approx. RPM Recommended Thread Sizes
4.8 - 560 ozf-in
0.3 - 35 lbf-in
0.34 - 40.3 kgf-cm
0.03 - 3.95 N-m
0.7 #6~#10 (M3~M5)
48 - 2080 ozf-in
3 - 130 lbf-in
3.45 - 149 kgf-cm
0.33 - 14.6 N-m
0.7 #10~5/16" (M5~M8)


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Display4 digit LCD Display
OperationBoth CW and CCW motorized rotation
Accuracy±1% F.S., 1LSD
Measurement ModesP-P: Displays PEAK Torque value that will not change until a higher value is measured.
T-R: Displays TRANSIENT torque values.
RG: Determines peak down and yield torque (CW only)
If a peak down torque value is detected, the green indicator will light, and tester rotation will stop automatically.
Test Start ValueStart of RG Mode can be set in 0.001 N-m increments.
OutputUSB (Virtual RS-232), continuous (9600 baud) output in PP and RG measuring modes.
Auto-power-offAfter 5 minutes of non-use.
DimensionsDetector: 44mm diameter x 190mm length, 1/4" hex drive
Indicator: 87mm W x 108mm D x 33mm H