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D-1000 Precision Material Thickness Gauge

Made in Germany
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3 Ranges
0-10mm (0-0.394")
Option E25 0-25mm (0-1.000")
Option E50 25-50mm (1-2.000")
Resolution 0.01 or 0.001 mm

The D-1000 Precision Desktop Material Thickness Gauge accurately measures a wide variety of materials including fabrics, various textiles, non-wovens, felt, fleece, geomaterials, floor coverings, leather, foils, rubber etc.

Several different models are offered which supplied with specific contact footers providing a pre-determined test pressure as rewuired by various ASTM and DIN EN ISO norms and standards including:
DIN EN ISO 9073-2
DIN EN ISO 9863-1
DIN EN ISO 54540
DIN 53370
DIN 53370

We can alos supply custom models to cover various standards. We require that you specify the footer diameter (or shape) and required test pressure (or Load).


  • High Accuracy & Repeatability due to a rigid frame
  • The standard resolution is 0.01 mm, with resolution of 0.001 mm available (Option R)
  • The standard measuring range is 0 – 10 mm; 0 – 25 mm and 25 – 50 mm are optional available
  • 95mm Throat Depth (center of measuring platform)
  • Measurement Feeler is controlled by the Hand-Wheel on the side of the frame
  • Optional USB interface
  • Battery-operated. AC-Adapter optionally available
  • Includes Manufacturer Calibration Certification
  • Traceable Calibration Certification (DakkS) - OPTIONAL
  • Customs models available with desired Footer Diameter/Shape and Desired Test Pressure

Available Models

ModelStandardApplicationFeeler Ø (mm)Feeler Area (cm²)Test Pressure
D-1000-TDIN EN ISO 5084Textiles50.42200.1 kPa and 1 kPa
D-1000-VDIN EN ISO 9073-2Standard Fleece56.42250.5 kPa
D-1000-GDIN EN ISO 9863-1Geomaterials56.42252 kPa
D-1000-HYDIN EN ISO 54540Hygienic paper56.42252 kPa
D-1000-LDIN EN ISO 2589Leather100.78549.1 kPa
D-1000-GiRubber35.68105 kPa
D-1000-F1DIN 53370FoilR 30 mm0.5 N
D-1000-F2DIN 53370Foil7.50.4420.9 N


Accuracy±0.02 mm (0.001")
±0.002 mm (0.0001") - Option Code R
Measuring range (standard)0 – 10 mm (0-0.400")
Measuring Range (Option E25)0 - 25 mm (0 - 1.000")
Measuring Range (Option E50)25 - 50 mm (1 - 2.000")
Resolution (standard)0.01 mm (0.001")
Resolution (optional)0.001 mm (0.00001"), Option Code R
Throat Depth95 mm / 3.75" (to center of platform)
Display6 digit LCD, 8.5 mm high
Measuring Unitmm or inch (user-selected)
Feeler ShapeAs per ISO, DIN or ASTM Sandard
Feeler DiameterAs per ISO, DIN or ASTM Sandard
Output signalUSB
Battery1 lithium battery 3 V, type CR2032, capacity of 220 mAh
Battery LifeApprox. 1 year
Low Battery IndicatorWhen "B" is shown on the display
Temperature range10 – 45 °C
Dimensions250 x 180 x 400 mm (L x W x H)
Weight (net/gross)12 kg (15 kg)

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Item Description Price
Precision Material Thickness Gauge for Textiles - ISO 5084
Precision Material Thickness Gauge for Fleece - ISO 9073-2
Precision Material Thickness Gauge for GeoTextiles - ISO 9863-1
Precision Material Thickness Gauge for Tissue Paper - ISO 54540
Precision Material Thickness Gauge for Leather - ISO 2589
Precision Material Thickness Gauge for Rubber
Precision Material Thickness Gauge for Foil - ISO 53370
Precision Material Thickness Gauge for Foil - ISO 53370
Precision Material Thickness Gauge for Rubber & similar materials - ASTM D3767
Precision Material Thickness Gauge for Testing According to ASTM D1777-1
Code R
Higher resolution 0.001 mm, instead of standard 0.01 mm
Code E25
Expandable measuring range 0-25 mm / 1 inch (instead of 0-10 mm)
Code E50
Expandable measuring range 25-50 mm / 1-2 inch (instead of 0-10 mm)
Calibration report done by a DAkkS approved laboratory for new instrument
AC-Adapter with battery adapter module for operation on AC-Power
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