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125-12 Limited Access Tension Meter

Made in Germany
125-12 Limited Access Tension Meter
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7 Ranges
0 - 10g up to 0 - 500g

The Series 125-12 Tension Meters are extremely compact for use on low tension applications where access space is limited. They are offered with ceramic thread guides or precision ball bearing mounted rollers.

High overload protection and optional waterproof design makes this model ideal for all laboratory & production.

Two kinds of ceramic thread guides with a gentle surface and a low coefficient of friction are supplied to each sensor for various measuring tasks:

On the left:
• structurered surface (orange peel), especially for flat yarn

On the right:
• polished surface, e.g. for texturized yarn

The optional available, shiftable thread guiding device FFA offers comfortable and smooth threading into the running process.


  • Small angle of contact minimizes twisting interference
  • Easy to load thread
  • Ceramic thread guides provide a surface that is gentle on the threads, making for low friction and even wear at high running speeds

Tension Ranges

125-12-30 0-30g
125-12-50 0-50g
125-12-100 0-100g
125-12-200 0-200g
125-12-300 0-300g
125-12-500 0-500g

Material Threading Animation

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Measuring PrincipleCapacitive Sensing
Tension Ranges0-10g, 0-20g, 0-30g, 0-50g, 0-100g, 0-200g, 0-300g, 0-500g
Accuracy±1.0% or better
Material Deflection15 Degrees
Thread GuidesCeramic Pins (Standard)
Ball-bearing mounted rollers (optional)
Dimensions100mm x 25mm diameter
Weight100 grams
Options Outer thread guide shifting plate
Ball-bearing mounted rollers
Splash-proof protection
Special thread guide design
Calibration CertificateOptional


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