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ACT-220 Automatic Wire Crimp Pull Tester with Load Holding

Made in Japan
ACT-220 Automatic Wire Crimp Tester, ACT-1000N
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The ACT-220 Automatic Wire Crimp Tester is designed to measure the strength of wire crimps, up to 220 lbf (1000 N). Standard load-holding feature allows pulls to set a target load and holds it for a user set amount of time for non-destructive testing.

The tester conforms with UL 486A-B as well as other ASTM, MIL, ANSI/EIA, NASA, IEC and JIS crimp testing standards. See the specifications table for more details.

The wire terminal grip has 12 slots which accommodate wire diameters from 30 AWG to 8 AWG (1-8 mm OD). Smaller test fixtures are also available.

Simplify Your Wire Crimp Testing
Press the green button to automatically test a crimped on wire terminal. After the test is completed, the tester will automatically return to the starting position. The peak force is held on the display and pass fail LED indicators allow for easy GO/NO GO testing. Each reading saved into memory has a date and time stamp. Up to 1,500 results can be saved and recalled from memory. Test configuration is intuitive. Select units, destructive or non destructive testing, hold duration, hold value (non-destructive) and test speed. Save up to 26 individual wire crimp test profiles in the internal memory for quick and efficient testing of multiple sample types.

What’s Included?
The ACT-220 includes the ACT Logger data acquisition software. ACT Logger downloads data from the tester memory and/or captures peak data while testing via the USB output. All tester programming can be set from the software.

All ACT-220 (ACT-1000N) Automatic Wire Crimp Tester include a 3-Point Certificate traceable to NIST. ISO Certificates are available at an additional charge.


  • Includes NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate
  • Destructive and nondestructive test modes
  • Force hold duration up to 999 seconds in 1 second increments
  • Color-coded LED indicators for Go/No Go testing
  • Selectable digital speeds 10/25/50/100 mm/min
  • Save up to 26 test configurations in memory
  • EL electro luminescent display is highly visible in the dark or bright sunlight
  • Time and date stamp
  • Selectable units: lbf, kgf, and N
  • 1,500 data memory for recall or download (RS-232C output)
  • Kit includes, terminal grip, wire cam grip, ACT Logger data acquisition software, USB cable, calibration cert traceable to NIST
  • Many optional crimp attachments available


Resolution0.1 lbf, 1N, 0.1 kgf
Accuracy±0.5% F.S. ±1 digit
Force Unitslbf, N, kgf (selectable)
Overload RatingApprox. 150% F.S.
Speed Ranges10/25/50/100 mm/min or 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 4.0 in/min (Selectable)
Hold Durationup to 999 seconds in 1 second increments
StrokeApprox. 50mm
Sample Diameters12 slots, 1 to 8mm
Sample Length100mm (4") or more
Test ModesBREAK (destructive)/KEEP (non-destructive) modes
Test ProfilesSaves up to 26 patterns (A to Z)
Internal Memory1500 data
OutputsUSB/RS232C (for printer output)/Judgment signal (OK/NG)
Operating Conditions0° to 40° Celsius, 20 to 80%RH
StandardsACT-220 meets test conditions of wire crimp test standards. Review the details of the following standards: UL 486A-486B, ASTM B913, ANSI/EIA-364-38B, MIL-DTL-22520G, NASA-STD-8739.4
Warranty2 Years
Shipping Weight / Dims41lbs, 24x20x17 inches (attached to wood skid)



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