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EMX-275 Ultra Precision, Force Control, Motorized Test Stand

Made in Japan
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The EMX-275 Vertical Motorized Test Stand uses a precision stepper motor and ball screw drive that provide precise movement and smooth operation. Rigid construction assures minimum deflection to ensure consistent force and distance test results.

Precise Increment Testing
EMX-275 features a unique jog movement control, for precise increment testing. In jog mode, each click of the program dial moves the cross head exactly .01 mm (may reduce at maximum capacity depending upon material hardness).

Cycle Mode
In cycle mode, automated fatigue tests are easy to setup. Press the unique program dial and turn, to make selections from the menu screens and set mode, speed, test duration, units and cycles. Separate screens control start and return speeds.

Force Control
Force controlled non-destructive tests are also easy to setup and program. Connect an Imada Z Series force gauge to the EMX-275 test stand to enable the following force controlled tests and Conditional Overload Prevention.

Maintain Force Between High/Low Setpoints
Initial cross head speed is controlled by the start speed setting. Force control activates when applied force exceeds the low setpoint (and below the high setpoint) on the Z Series force gauge. The cross head maintains that force for the programmed interval and then uses return speed to reset for the next cycle.

Increase Force to High Setpoint and Stop
Initial cross head speed is controlled by the start speed setting. When the applied force reaches the low set point of the Z Series force gauge, the test stand engages the measuring speed setting and stops when the applied force reaches the high set point on the Z series force gauge. Ideal for creep or non-destructive testing. The cycle is repeated until the counter limit is reached.


  • Ultra rigid, .25mm deflection at maximum load
  • Easy-to-use program dial and menu screens control distance, mode, speed, time and cycles
  • Programmable travel distance
  • One stand for both compression and tension tests
  • Force Controlled operation with Imada Z force gauges
  • Conditional Overload Prevention
  • Manual, Increment, Single Cycle, Continuous Cycle and Force Control (with Z Series gauges) selectable
  • Up to five test configurations saved in memory
  • Programmable timer up to 99' 59.9, in 0.1 sec increments
  • Wide speed range: .01 – 23.5 in/min
  • Optional digital distance meter available
  • Max clearance 9" (with extender 14")

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