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MDM-820-1-D MDM-820-1 - Digital Thickness Gauge - Feeler D (5 mm)

Made in Germany
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Measuring range: 0 - 2 inch (0 - 50 mm)
Resolution: 0.0005 inch (0.01 mm)

Thickness gauge to determine the thickness of leather, textiles, cardboard, felt, rubber, sheet metal, foil, plywood, plastic, etc. Self closing thickness gauge with high accuracy and resolution.


  • Thickness gauge with RS 232 output for data collection (Optional)
  • Opening by lifting device (lever) - self closing
  • Zero setting by pushing a button
  • Measuring by spring force
  • LCD display with user selectable units (mm or inch)
  • Calibration certificate included

Available Models

Model Measuring Range Resolution Depth of Jaw
MDM-815-1 2 in
(50 mm)
0.005 in
(0.01 mm)
5.90 in
(150 mm)
MDM-820-1 2 in
(50 mm)
0.005 in
(0.01 mm)
7.87 in
(200 mm)
MDM-830-1 2 in
(50 mm)
0.005 in
(0.01 mm)
11.81 in
(300 mm)
MDM-835 3 in
(75 mm)
0.005 in
(0.01 mm)
13.78 in
(350 mm)
MDM-840 4 in
(100 mm)
0.005 in
(0.01 mm)
15.75 in
(400 mm)

Feeler Shape

To order, please indicate the desired feeler, e.g. MDM-820-1-B for gauge with feeler >B<. This means that NOT all feelers are included in the package!
Feeler: A
rigid leather, glass, sheet metal
Feeler: B
wood, rubber, soft leather, foil, etc.
Feeler: C
soft rubber, felt, fleece
Feeler: D
rubber rings, round material
Feeler: E
paper, cardboard, chipboard and fibreboard, plywood
Feeler: F
sheet metal, glass, round material
Feeler: G
very rigid material
Feeler: H
foams and insulating materials
Feeler: I
very soft foams and insulating materials
Feeler: M
rubber sheets, felt, soft materials

Complete Kit

Complete kit includes gauge with transport packing case


Resolution0.0005 in (0.01 mm)
Measuring range2 in (50 mm)
Depth of jaw7.87 in (200 mm)
Measuring pressure2 N
Measuring principleSelf closing
Feeler shapeA/B/C/D/E
DisplayLCD 7 mm high
Measuring systemSylvac
Weight, net (gross)700 g (750 g)


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MDM-820-1 - Digital Thickness Gauge - Feeler D (5 mm)
RS-232C Serial Output including data transfer cable (DB9)
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