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Mark-10 Legacy Products

Force Sensor Display for use with Interchangeable remote force and torque sensors
Mitutoyo, RS-232, and analog outputs
Test up to 10,000 lb of force and 5,000 lb-in of torque
Digital Torque Gauge
6 Ranges up to 100lbf-in
Units of measure: lbf-in, kgf-cm, and N-cm (selectable)
Inline compression and tension testing
Threaded holes for attachments
Capacities from 0.25 lb to 100 lb
Miniature Compression Sensor
7 Ranges up to 10,000 lbs
Rugged "S-beam" force sensor
8 Ranges up to 10,000 lbs
Measures tensile and compressive forces
Miniature Force Sensor
8 Ranges up to 100lbs
Measures tensile and compressive forces
Universal Torque Sensor
Measure bi-directional torque for a wide variety of applications
Universal Torque Sensor
Used for general bi-directional torque testing applications requiring different sample sizes
6 Ranges up to 100 lb-in
Digital Torque Wrench
Ideal for checking torque on bolts and other fasteners
3 Ranges up to 1000 lb-in
Wrench Extension Torque Transducer
Convert any wrench to a torque tool with this sensor, or use it as a component of a torque testing system.
Torque Sensor for Tool Calibration
Mounting holes for bench mounting
6 Ranges up to 100 lb-in
Cap Torque Sensor
6 Ranges up to 100 lb-in