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G1076 Wire Terminal Grip

Made in USA
Wire Terminal Grip - G1076
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Capacity: 500 lbF (2500 N)

The G1076 is designed for securing wire terminals, cables, connectors, and other samples for pull testing. Grooves of multiple sizes are provided to accommodate a wide range of wire diameters up to 0.25 in. (6.3 mm). Simply rotate the turret wheel to the desired size. Integrated magnets hold the wheel in place to help prevent accidental rotation to a different sized groove.

Use this grip with the G1002 dual roller grip, and choice of test stands and force gauges to create a complete terminal and crimp testing system.

Wire Terminal Grip - G1076 Mounted on the ESM303 Test stand


  • Wire diameter range: 0 - 0.25 in (6.3 mm)
  • Weight: 1.0 lb (0.45 kg)
  • Includes a 5/16-18M to #10-32F thread adapter and #10-32 M/M stud with jam nuts.
  • Groove sizes [IN(MM)]: 0.03 (0.7), 0.04 (1.0), 0.06 (1.5), 0.08 (2.0), 0.09 (2.3), 0.11 (2.8), 0.12 (3.0), 0.14 (3.5), 0.15 (3.8), 0.17 (4.3), 0.18 (4.5), 0.20 (5.1), 0.21 (5.3), 0.23 (5.8), 0.25 (6.3)


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Wire terminal grip, 0 - 0.25 inches, Capacity: 500 lbF (2500 N)
Ring terminal fixture insert for WT3-200/1/M/G1076
Machinable blank terminal fixture insert
Swivel adapter, 5/16-18, 500 lb / 250 kg capacity
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