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RG Force Sensor Module - DISCONTINUED

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The RG smart load cell is a plug-and-play force measurement building block designed for integration within assembly systems, weighing systems, and other process automation and testing automation applications. All functions are controlled by commands sent from a PC or PLC via its RS-232 connector. The RG's ASCII command library allows for peak force recall, set points, data averaging, data filtering, calibration, and many other functions. A rugged aluminum housing makes the RG durable enough to withstand the rigors of manufacturing environments. Capacities are available from 2 lb to 200 lb (10 N to 1000 N).


  • Measures tension and compression forces
  • RS-232 and Mitutoyo outputs
  • Averaging mode for average readings over time
  • General purpose I/O for external device control
  • Selectable units of measurement
  • Peak memory for tensile and compressive forces
  • Dedicated force limit outputs for direct hardware control (relays, etc)
  • GCL-Gauge Control Language for full computer control
  • External trigger for contact or switch testing and data capture
  • Programmable analog and digital filters
  • Programmable default configuration
  • Power via 9 - 12 VDC
  • Optional cable with bare leads for integration with PC/PLC and external power supply

Force Ranges

RG22 lb
1 kgF
10 N
0.002 lb
0.001 kgF
0.01 N
RG55 lb
2.5 kgF
25 N
0.005 lb
0.002 kgF
0.02 N
RG1010 lb
5 kgF
50 N
0.01 lb
0.005 kgF
0.05 N
RG2020 lb
10 kgF
100 N
0.02 lb
0.01 kgF
0.1 N
RG5050 lb
25 kgF
250 N
0.05 lb
0.02 kgF
0.2 N
RG100100 lb
50 kgF
500 N
0.01 lb
0.05 kgF
0.5 N
RG200200 lb
100 kgF
1000 N
0.02 lb
0.1 kgF
1 N



Accuracy+/- 0.5% of full scale +/- 1 digi
Safe overload150% of capacity
Weight0.55 lbs (0.25 kg)
Temperature40°F - 100°F [5°C - 45°C], <96% humidity (non-condensating)
Warranty3 Years