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Force Gauge Applications

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Typical Applications

Bearing torque testing
Torsion spring testing
Tension spring testing
Burst testing of packaging materials
Switch activation force testing
Closure torque testing
Compression spring testing
Tablet crush testing
Wire terminal pull-off testing
Peel testing
PCB component pull-off testing
Muscle strength evaluation, ergonomics studies

Tension Tests

Knurling Cam Grip
Film Grip
Fine Point Grip
Wire Wrapping Grip
Tape Grip
Flat Chuck
Cam Grip
Wedge Grip
Small Grip

Compression Tests

Large Flat Head
Bend Test Stand
Peeling Attachment
Compression Jig
Compression Jig
Penetrating Pin Gauge
Attachment for Press

Other Tests

Hook for Corrugated Cardboard
Jakob's Chuck
Vise Grip
Pin Grip

Special Tests

Wire Terminal Grip and Wedge Grips
Zipper Bag Grips
Rotary Wire Terminal Ficture and Knurled Cam Grip for Cables
Coefficient of Friction Testerp
Peel Strength Table
Peel Strength Table
Table and Hook for 45 Degree Pull Tests
Table and Hook for 90 Degree Shear Tests
Syringe Test
Pill Crush
Surgical Tubing Catheter Test
Automotive Hood Piston Test
Electrical Wire & Terminal Crimp Test
Spring Test
Commercial QA/QC Test