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RX-1000 Mini-Dial Durometer

Made in USA
RX-1000 Mini-Dial Durometer
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The RX-1000 Mini-Dial Durometer is both compact and easy to use. Its small dial face and included leather clip-on carrying case make it easy for an inspector to carry the gauge- for work around the shop, or out in the field. The RX-1000 durometer holds the maximum reading until reset by pressing the button at the top of the gauge. The max-hold feature and small dial size make the RX-1000 a good choice for hard to reach places, or for out of sight testing.


  • Small face (1.675" Diameter)
  • Increments of 1 from 0-100
  • Furnished with a leather carrying case
  • Easily fits into your pocket or clipped on belt
  • One year warranty
  • Conforms to ASTM D-2240 and NIST Traceable Certificate


Durometer Test Stands

AD-100 Durometer mounting in optional test stand We offer a complete line of durometer test stands. The stand, when used in conjunction with a Durometer, eliminates operator error sometimes associated with hand-held durometer testing. Our stands feature a load weight for the proper testing pressure as noted in ASTM D2240, and a quick-lock column for easy adjustment. Click here for more info on Durometer Test Stands.

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Item Description Price
Type A Mini Dial Durometer for Soft rubber, plastics and elastomers (H-1000-A)
Type B Mini Dial Durometer for Harder elastomers and plastics. Use above 93 A scale (H-1000-B)
Type C Mini Durometer for Medium hard elastomers and plastics (H-1000-C)
Type D Mini Dial Durometer for Hard rubber and plastics (H-1000-D)
Type DO Mini Dial Durometer for Dense granular material and textile windings. (H-1000-DO)
Type O Mini Dial Durometer for soft elastomers below 20 A scale (H-1000-O)
Type Asker C Mini Dial Durometer for Sneaker Foam (H-1000-ASK-C)
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