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RX-1600 Precision Durometer

Made in USA
RX-1600 Durometer
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Available Scales: A, AO, B, CF, D, E, DO, M, O, OO, OOO, OOO-S, (Asker, ISO, DIN & JIS Scales also available, inquire)

The RX-1600 Durometer features a full-sized dial face for readability to within 1/2 point. The RX-1600 offers the maximum accuracy available in a dial model gauge at a minimum cost.

Type M Durometers require test stand OS-3 per ASTM D2240.


  • Includes NIST-Traceable Calibration Certificate
  • Full 360 degree sweep
  • One year warranty
  • Conforms to ASTM D-2240
  • Minimum Sample Thickness-Type A = 6.00 mm (0.250")
    Minimum Sample Thickness-Type M = 1.25 mm (0.050")
  • Optional Removable Stainless Steel Barrel for Medical and Food Applications
    (Must be specified at time of order, not suitable for use with RX-1600-M or RX-1600-OOO-S)
  • Smallest diameter footer permitted by ASTM D2240 (1/2") permits measurement on parts with small surface area or close to the edge with maximim visibility

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The RX-1600 is supplied as a complete kit including the durometer & instruction manual in a foam-fitted metal carrying case.

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Measuring Range0 - 100 units
Accuracy*±1 durometer unit (A,B,C,D,E,O,DO)
±2 durometer units (OO,OOO)
±4 durometer units (M)
Tolerance± 0.5 at "100" and -0 +1 at "0"
Dimensions2.25" x 6.125"H
Weight6 oz.
* Noteper ASTM D 2240-05, Sect 9.3: It is accepted that durometer readings below 20 or above 90 are not considered reliable. It is suggested that readings in these ranges be omitted.
Mounting Thread5/16-40
Indentor Tip303 Stainless with Melonite case hardened


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Item Description Price
Type A Durometer for Soft rubber, plastics and elastomers.
Type B Durometer for Harder elastomers and plastics. Use above 93 A scale.
Type C Durometer for Medium hard elastomers and plastics.
Asker C Durometer for foam rubber
Type CF Durometer for Seat Foam Hardness - This item is no longer available. There is no replacement.
Type D Durometer for Hard rubber and plastics
Type DO Durometer for Dense granular material and textile windings.
Type M Durometer for Rubber and other soft material as thin as .050"
Type O Durometer for soft elastomers below 20 A scale
Type OO Durometer for Light foams, sponge rubber gels and animal tissue.
Type OOO Durometer for Ultra soft gels and sponge rubber
Type OOO-S Durometer for Ultra soft gels and sponge rubber softer than OOO
Type A Test Block Kit with NIST traceable certificate, 7 Color Coded Blocks - TBK-A
Type D Test Block Kit with NIST traceable certificate, 3 Color Coded Blocks - TBK-D
Rectangular Footer for Durometers with 1/2" Diameter Barrel, 41 x 19 mm
Upgrade to Removable Stainless Steel Barrel for Medical and Food Applications
(Must be specified at time of order, not suitable for use with RX-1600-M or RX-1600-OOO-S)
Memory Pointer For RX-1600 Durometer (Upgrade to RX-2000 Model)
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