RDC-1 Durometer Calibrator

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The RDC-1 durometer calibrator was designed to help durometer users obtain in-house calibration ability. The calibrator comes complete with weights for calibrating springloads of gauges in the A, B, C, D, DO and O durometer scales. It also includes an adapter which gives the RDC-1 the ability to calibrate durometers from many different manufacturers. The RDC-1 is a great way for durometer users to cut the costs of sending durometers out for calibration at the recommended yearly intervals.

From the beginning, the RDC-1 calibrator was designed to be simple to use. Unlike a conventional scale, it doesn't require the fabrication on an exotic fixture to hold the gauge, and the user doesn't have to perform any complicated calculations to determine if a gauge is in calibration. With the RDC-1, simply secure the gauge in the clamp and slide the weight to the appropriate point on the scale, if the gauge reads within +/-1 of the point indicated on the scale, it's in calibration.

The RDC-1 offers quality unparalleled by any other. With its thick steel base, oversize stainless steel column, and thirty pound weight, the RDC-1 is the sturdiest calibrator made. All components are precision CNC machined to exacting tolerances, and then plated or painted to insure long life. The RDC-1 comes to you fully calibrated with documentation traceable to NIST. It also comes with instructions and technical notes covering specifics about durometer calibration. The RDC-1 calibrator is made and assembled in the U.S.A.


  • Quickly calibrate your durometers in-house
  • Can be used to calibrate the following Scale Types; A, B, C, D, DO, O and E (Shore) - over the entire range 0-100
  • Included adaptors allows you calibrate RX Pencil Type Durometers & some othe durometers from different manufacturers (Inquire)
  • For Calibration of AD-100/DD-100 Durometers, we can supply 5/16-40 adapter at no charge.

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Scale Types SupportedA, B, C, D, DO, O and E (Shore)
ConstructionSteel Base, Stainless Steel Column and Billet Aluminum Cpmponents
CertificateSupplied fully calibrated with documentation traceable to NIST Standards
ConformanceASTM D2240
Durometer Adapters#8-32 for Pencil Stype Durometers (and some PTC and Shore Durometers) - included standard with RDC-1
5/16-40 Dust Cap Mount for AD-100/DD-100 Type Durometers - available as a no-charge option (Inquire)
Physical Weight30.5 Lbs (14 kg)
Physical Dimensions15.5”L x 7.5”D x 11.5”H (40L x 19D x 29H cm)
Shipping Weight43 Lbs (19.5 Kg)
Shipping Dimensions19" x 10 " x 10" (48 x 25 x 25 cm)
Country of OriginalUSA

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RDC-1 Durometer Calibrator
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