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OS-300-2 Durometer Test Stand

Made in Germany
OS-300-2 Durometer Test Stand
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The OS-300-2 Durometer Test Stand is designed for use with the Check-Line AD-300 Analog Durometer. Use of a test stand significantly reduces the errors that are caused by measurements by hand which are sensitive to subjective test errors, caused by differing load application forces or non-vertical application of the durometer to the test piece.

The OS-300-2 durometer test stand works on the constant load principle. To conduct hardness (durometer) measurements, the product sample is positioned on the support table. The Durometer is lowered down to contact the test sample by pulling the manual lever. The fixed-mounted durometer insures a predictable and repeatable perpendicular contact of the test samples. All measurement values are shown directly on the analogue durometer.

The test stand is made of rugged and light weight aluminum which provides convenient adjustment of the vertical position of the durometer to accommodate a wide variety of sample sizes and shapes. A mechanical overload mechanism is provided to prevent the durometer from making direct contact with the support table.


  • Provides improved accuracy & repeatable when used by separate operators
  • Spring loaded lever for fast & precise travel
  • Lightweight, rugged aluminum construction
  • Can be used in the Lab or on the production floor
  • Adjustable position of durometer mounting block to accommodate large and small samples
  • Designed for use with AD-300 Analog Durometers
  • Optional Weight available for use with AD-300-D (Shore D Scale)

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Support Table98 mm diameter
Sample Size115 mm, to center point of Durometer
Weight16.4 Kg, net
International standardsDIN 53505, ISO 868, ISO 7619, ASTM D 2240

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Durometer Operating Stand for AD-300 and DD-300, includes load weight for Type A & O, load weight for D & C sold separately. Not OO Scale
Durometer Operating Stand for AD-300-OO and DD-300-OO
Adapter to mount AD-300 Durometer to OS-300 Test Stand
Adapter to mount DD-300 Durometers to OS-300 Test Stand
Type D & C Load Weight for OS-300 Durometer Test Stand
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