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YMS-L Motorized Durometer Operating Stand for Shore A, B, E, O, OO, Asker C

Made in USA
YMS Motorized Durometer Test Stand with a Digital Specimen
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YMS-L (Shore A, B, E, O, OO, Asker C)
YMS-H (Shore C, D, DO)

YMS motorized durometers are designed for consistent hardness testing of rubber and plastics using constant load, speed and time controls to meet ASTM D2240 standards. Auto height adjustment makes for quick setups. Multiple scales can be tested using the appropriate durometer, auto contact adapter and weight.

YMS motorized stands are easily programmed using push-buttons and highly visible OLED menu screens. Selectable Auto or Manual modes with timer hold and digital speed control up to 20mm/sec. Fast Approach
starts tests at maximum speed combined with selectable clearance, which slows movement to the preset measuring speed to avoid overshoot.

Auto Contact
YMS motorized stands also feature auto contact which enables the durometer to align perpendicularly to the sample to make full, even contact.

External Control
Use ASCII commands to start, stop or output results. Or use the open collector contact signal to start and stop.


  • OLED display is visible in dark environments
  • Simple operation: Press the MEASURE button
  • Modes: Auto and Manual (TK Mode with optional TK durometer)
  • Auto height adjustment
  • Fast Approach and slow to measuring speed to minimize overshoot
  • Auto Contact adjusts the durometer to make full, even contact with the sample surface.
  • External Control: Use ASCII commands to start, stop and output data.
  • Program menu security lock
  • Rugged metal construction

Supported Scales

ModelDurometer ScaleContact AdapterWeight
YMS-LShore A, Shore B, Asker C, Shore O, Shore OOSA-L-
YMS-HShore C, Shore D, Shore DOSA-HWH-5k


Modes0.5 - 20.0 mm/sec
UnitsSelectable mm or inches
Timer0.5 - 9.9 in 0.1 second increments, 10 - 99 in 1 second increments
Clearance45mm with TKD durometer, 95mm without coupling


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