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FTMB-FTMX Digital Tension Meter
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The FTMB is a special tension meter for sensitive materials as optical fibers, carbon fibers, technical fibers etc. It uses low-inertia 32 mm dia. rollers for fragile materials sensitive to bending over a small radius. Rollers are available in plastic or aluminum.

FTMX Additional Features

  • Built-in datalogging with RS232 and 0-1 VDC Analog output
  • Memory capacity of 100 values plus min, max, peak, avg and standard deviation
  • Optional TensionView software available for batch download or continuous real-time trending


    • Special guides on the bracket assembly permit easy material acquisition
    • Filament guide and roller shifting mechanism ensure easy acquisition of the running material
    • large, V-grooved guide rollers with 32 mm groove diameter, ball-bearing mounted

    Tension Ranges

    ModelRangeResolutionMeasuring Head Width mm
    2.0-200 g0.1 g140
    5.0-500 g0.1 g140
    50-1000 g1 g140
    Other units of measure available.

    Guide Rollers

    Roller Details Image Dimensions
    Max Speed:
    4000 (m/min)
    Material: hardcoated aluminium (R12021)
    Option - Option "-PL"
    Max Speed:
    4000 (m/min)
    Material: plastic red (PVC)

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    Complete Kit

    The FTMB complete kit includes the tension meter, four (4) AA batteries, needle nose pliers and operating instruction manual all supplied in a foam fitted carrying case.


    CalibrationAccording to SCHMIDT factory procedure
    AccuracyFrom 10% up to 90% of tension range: ±0.5% full scale and ±1 digit remaining tension range and other calibration material: ± 3% full scale and ±1 digit
    OverrangeApprox. 15% full scale, without accuracy guarantee
    Overload protection100% of tension range
    Measuring principleStrain gauge bridge
    Measuring roller deflection0.2 mm max.
    Converter12 bit A/D
    Temperature CoefficientGain: less than ±0.01 % full scale/ºC
    Zero point: less than ±0.3 % full scale/ºC
    DisplayLCD 4 digit, 12 mm high
    Field adjustment±7 steps in 1.5 % increment
    MemoryMIN, MAX, PEAK and last value
    Temperature range10 - 45 ºC
    Air humidity85 % relative humidity, max.
    Housing Dimensions235 x 76 x 45mm (LxWxH)
    Additional specifications model for FTMX
    Expanded memoryMax. 100 readings, MAX, MIN, and PEAK as well as average values and standard deviation
    Digital output signalRS 232 C (4800, 8, N, 2)
    Analog output signal0 - 1 V DC (converter rate 16 ms)
    Digimatic interfaceMitutoyo

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