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500-JD Digital Thickness Gauge

500-jd digital thickness gauge
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Measuring Range: 0 - 10.00 mm / 0 - 0.400 inch
(25 mm /1 inch range, optional)

Resolution: 0.01 mm / 0.001 inch

The 500-JD digital thickness gauge features an easy to read LCD display along with the high accuracy. The user can select to display thickness in inches or mm.

The 500-JD model is available with 5 different feelers, which can be found below. Measurement is done by a spring force. Opening by lifting device (lever) - self closing.


  • Operating by lifting device - self closing
  • Resolution 0.001 inch(0.01 mm)
  • Easy to read LCD Display
  • User selectable units mm and inch
  • USB Data Output (requires optional cable, DCPRMD-USB)
  • Dial gauge model: Sylvac S 229
  • Depth of Throat 50 mm (2 inches)

Feeler Shape

To order, please indicate the desired feeler, e.g. 500-JD-B for gauge with feeler >b<. This means that NOT all feelers are included in the package!
Feeler: A

For rubber, felt*, soft materials*, non wovens*, etc.

*Meets no DIN EN ISO standard
Feeler: B

For rubber, felt*, soft materials*, non wovens*, etc.

*Meets no DIN EN ISO standard
Feeler: C

For soft leather, cardboard, paper, foils, etc.
Feeler: D

For hard leather, plywood, fiberboard, etc.
Feeler: E

For sheet metal, etc.

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Resolution:0.01 mm / 0.001 inch
Measuring range:0 - 10 mm / 0.4 inch
Depth of jaw:50 mm / 2 inch
Display:LCD 6 digit, 8.5 mm high
Measuring principle:Capacitive (Sylvac)
Measuring pressure:< 1.4 N
Feeler shape:a,b,c,d or e
Lifting device:Operating by lifting device - self closing
Data output:RS 232, optical coupling
Power supply:Battery, 3 V Lithium, CR 2032
Temperature range:10 - 45°C
Weight, net:300 g

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Digital Thickness Gauge with 30mm footers - JD-50-A
Digital Thickness Gauge with 20mm footers - JD-50-B
Digital Thickness Gauge with 10mm footers - JD-50-C
Digital Thickness Gauge with 10mm Curved footers - JD-50-D
Digital Thickness Gauge with 5mm Curved footers - JD-50-E
NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate
USB Data Output Cable for data transfer to PC
Upgrade Range to 25.00 mm / 1.000"
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