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MG MG Mark-10 Digital Force Gauge

Made in USA
MG force gauge Mark-10
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  • Display "real-time" or "peak" force
  • User-selected units of Pounds, Kilograms or Newtons
  • Battery life: 30 hours of continuous operation
  • Push-button calibration
  • Includes NIST-Traceable calibration certificate
  • Battery or AC operation
  • Reversible Display for hand held use or test stand mounting

Force Ranges

MG-0120.12 lb
50 g
0.5 N
0.0001 lb
0.05 g
0.0005 N
MG-0250.25 lb
100 g
1 N
0.0002 lb
0.1 g
0.001 N
MG-050.5 lb
250 g
2.5 N
0.0005 lb
0.2 g
0.002 N
MG-22 lb
1 kg
10 N
0.002 lb
0.001 kg
MG-55 lb
2.5 kg
25 N
0.005 lb
0.002 kg
0.02 N
MG-1010 lb
5 kg
50 N
0.01 lb
0.005 kg
0.05 N
MG-2020 lb
10 kg
100 N
0.02 lb
0.01 kg
0.1 N
MG-5050 lb
25 kg
250 N
0.05 lb
0.02 kg
0.2 N
MG-100100 lb
50 kg
500 N
0.1 lb
0.05 kg
0.5 N
MG-200200 lb
100 kg
1000 N
0.2 lb
0.1 kg
1 N
MG-500500 lb
250 kg
2500 N
0.5 lb
0.2 kg
2 N


øA = 0.200 [5.8] / B = 0.19 [4.8]
C = 0.35 [8.9] / Thread = #10-32

øA = 0.312 [7.9] / B = 0.44 [11.2]
C = 0.60 [15.2] / Thread = #5/16-18

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How to change measuring units

1. Press and Hold the PEAK Key and at the same time Press the POWER key. (The Display will show "Aoff"). Then release all keys.

2. Press the PEAK key one (1) or more times until the display shows "init"

3. Press the POWER key one time. (The currently selected unit of measure will flash on/off on the right side of the display)

4. Press the PEAK key to cycle thru the choices of units. Each time the PEAK key is pressed the new units selection will be shown on the right side of the display. (The desired unit of measure should be flashing before you continue to step #5.)

5. Press the POWER key two (2) times to store the new units selections. Display will show "donE".

6. Press POWER again to return to the measurement mode with the new unit selection.


Accuracy± 0.5% of full scale, ±1 least significant digit
Sampling Rate30 readings per second
Display4 1/2 digit LCD with .3" high characters. Indicators for low battery, units and mode of operation
PowerNon-rechargeable 9V battery or AC operation with included adapter
Battery Life30 hours of continuous use, LO BAT indicator
Sensor Deflection0.010" (0.25 mm) maximum deflection at full load
Overload Protection150% or higher
WeightMG025-MG200 - 0.7lb, MG500 - 0.87lb
Accessories IncludedHook and Flat head
Warranty90 Days for refurbished
AC-Adapter (Optional)MG Gauges Sold BEFORE Sept 2010 (08-1007)
MG Gauges Sold AFTER Sept 2010 (AC1030)


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Item Description Price
Refurbished MG-10 Force Gauge with Flat head, Calibration Cert and Power Adapter Only - Please contact us for pricing and availability.
Refurbished MG-20 Force Gauge with Flat head, Calibration Cert and Power Adapter Only
Refurbished MG-50 Force Gauge with Flat head, Calibration Cert and Power Adapter Only
Refurbished MG-100 Force Gauge with calibration cert, and carrying case, AC Adapter, and Attachments NOT INCLUDED
Carrying Case for MG Force Gauge
Medium hook, #10-32M (requires G1039 to attach to force gauge)
Coupler, #10-32F to #10-32F
Double handle grip for for Series 2/3/MG
Single handle grip for for Series 2/3/MG
Coupler, #5/16-18F to #5/16-18F
AC adapter, with USA Plug for M10 Gauges
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