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Defelsko Products

Coating Thickness Gauge to measure coating thickness on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, accurately and quickly
Many versions available for a wide range of applications
All models offer memory and data output. Bluetooth and Wifi Output is optional
Coating Thickness Gauge with Integral probe for one hand use on paint and coating applications
Range 0 - 60 mils (1500 µm)
Coating Thickness Gauge with Micro Probe for measuring thin coatings and small parts with hard-to-reach areas.
Measuring Range: 0-25 mils (0-625 µm)
Coating Thickness Gauge with High Precision Probe for measuring Anodizing thickness on aluminum
Measuring Range: 0-25 mils (0-625 µm)
Coating Thickness Gauge For thick paint and coatings from 0 to 250 mils
Measuring Range: 0-250 mils (0-6 mm)
Coating Thickness Gauge For extra thick paint and coatings from 0 -500 mils
Measuring Range: 0-500 mils (0-13 mm)
Coating Thickness Gauge with External probe for measurement on rough and abrasive surfaces
Range 0 - 60 mils (1500 µm)
High-Temp Coating Thickness Gauge for measuring on hot and rough surfaces
Temperature: up to 500°F (250°C)
Measuring Range: 0 - 400 mils (0 - 10 mm)
Resolution: 1 mil (0.02 mm)
Coating thickness gauge for measuring thick coatings on ferrous metal substrates. Ideal for thick polyurea, intumescent fireproofing, insulating pipe coatings, rubber , roofing and more.
Measuring Range: 0 - 1.5 inches (0-38 mm)
Resolution: 0.01 inches (0.2 mm)
Coating Thickness Gauge For extra thick paint and coatings up to 2.5 inches (63.5 mm)
Measuring Range: 0 - 2.5 inches (0-63.5 mm)
Resolution: 0.01 inches (0.02 mm)
Coating Thickness Gauge for Duplex Coating Systems
In Duplex mode, the PosiTector 6000 FNDS utilizes both magnetic (ferrous) and eddy current (non-ferrous) principles simultaneously to calculate and display the individual paint and zinc layer thicknesses.
Coating Thickness Gauge with extended waterproof probes for under water measurement.
Coating Thickness Gauge for wood, concrete, plastic and more
Measuring Range: 0.5 - 150 mils (13 - 3800 µm)
Separate Probe
Available models:
200B - 0.5 - 40 mils
200C- 2 - 150 mils
200D- 2 - 300 mils
Easy to use Coating Thickness Gauge for Automotive and other common applications
Measuring Range:
0-40 mils (0-1000um)
Zero or 1 Point Calibration Adjustment for complex applications
Strong, wear resistant, ruby-tipped probe
Magentic Coating Thickness Gauge - Banana Gauge
Measuring Range : 2 Ranges available up to 80mils (200 µm)
Explosion Proof - Refinery safe
Positector PP-1 magnetic pull-off thickness gage measures non-magnetic coatings such as paint, enamel, plating, & hot-dip galvanizing on steel.
Measures in both microns and mils
Measuring Range: 0.25 to 20 mils (5 to 500 mcrons)
Non-contact Uncured Powder Thickness Gage
Conforms to ASTM D7378
Range 0.8 - 4.0 mils / 20 - 100 µm
Surface Profile Gauge
Measures and records peak to valley surface profile heights.
Conforms to ASTM D4417-B, AS 3894.5-C (with optional 30° tip angle), U.S. Navy NSI 009-32, SANS 5772 and others.
Replica Tape Reader
Digital spring micrometer measures and records peak to valley surface profile height using replica tape.
Replica Tape Reader to Measure and Record 2D/3D Surface Profile Parameters
Download 3D .SDF image files for analysis in included software for Windows and Mac
Measures and records climatic parameters including: Relative humidity, air temperature, surface temperature, dew point temperature, wind speed and difference between surface and dew point temperatures.
Auto Log mode - automatically records environmental parameters at user selected time intervals
Barcol Hardness Impressor
Measures the hardness of soft metals such as aluminum, aluminum alloys, copper, brass, and other materials such as harder plastics, and fiber-reinforced plastic
Infrared Thermometer with Laser Pointer
Selectable emissivity values - choose from 7 preset material options, set a custom emissivity value, or adjust to a known temperature
5.7:1 distance to spot ratio - ideal for measuring large areas
Soluble Salt Tester
Conductivity probe specifically designed for ISO 8502-6,9
Displays test duration, sample temperature, conductivity (µS/cm) and surface density (mg/m2 or µg/cm2)
Range: 0 - 500 µS/cm, 0 - 2000 mg/m2, 0.0 - 200.0 µg/cm2
Concrete Moisture Meter - In Situ
Easily collect and report measurements in conformance with ASTM F2170
Combined sleeve and probe design simplifies the installation process and does not require consumables
Digital Shore Durometer with Memory and Data Output
Shore A and Shore D Models Available
Positector UTG Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
Measuring Range: 0.040" - 5.000" (1.00 - 125 mm)
Available in Standard and Thru-Paint models
Low voltage Pinhole Detector
Lightweight, ergonomic design - while most other devices are box-shaped, the PosiTest LPD was specifically designed to fit comfortably in the hand with a balanced weight distribution
4 voltage output options conform to international standards
Automatic Adhesion Tester
Electronically controlled hydraulic pump applies smooth and continuous pull-off pressure at a user-specified rate
Conforms with ASTM D4541 / D7234, ISO 4624, SSPC-CS 23.00/AWS C2.23/NACE No. 12
Manual Adhesion Tester
Measures adhesion of coatings over metal, wood, concrete, plastic and other substrates
Conforms with ASTM D4541 / D7234, ISO 4624, SSPC-CS 23.00/AWS C2.23/NACE No. 12
Coating Thickness, Dew Point and Surface Profile Measurement
Wirelessly connect PosiTector probes to smart devices wit the Positector SmartLink.
Take full advantage of the simplicity and utility of your smart device including touch screen, keyboard, microphone, camera, email, WiFi, Bluetooth, cellular, dictation tools, and more
Coating Thickness Gauge Probes For Use With 6000 Series
The PosiTector gauge body accepts all PosiTector 6000, 200, DPM, UTG, RTR and SPG probes allowing it function as a coating thickness gauge, dew point meter, surface profile gauge or wall thickness gauge.
Thickness Gauge for Uncured Powder Coating
Measures uncured powder coatings using non-contact ultrasonic technology to automatically calculate and display a predicted cured thickness.