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MiniTest 430 Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge

MiniTest 430 Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge
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Includes built-in datalogger with USB output

Sturdy and accurate ultrasonic thickness gauge based on the ultrasonic pulse run-time method.

6 ultrasonic probes with frequencies ranging between 2 and 10 MHz in different designs offer a broad spectrum of applications and thickness measurements ranging from 0.65 mm to 500 mm. A high temperature ultrasonic probe is also available, designed for measurement of hot materials with temperatures of up to 350 °C.

The device is equipped for automatic detection of the intelligent ultrasonic probes and re-calibration is not required upon switching probes. The calibration data of the sensor is saved in the probe.

Uninterrupted scanning of a part for thinning is possible at the minimum mode.


  • Includes Factory "Works" Calibration Certificate.
  • NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate optionally available at additional cost
  • Suitable for measurement of various materials including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, glass, plastics (PS/PE)
  • Built-in Datalogger with 5000 data values (500 values in 10 batches ) with USB Output
  • Includes "Scan-Mode" to display MIN and MAX values at 10 readings/second
  • Adjustable units inch/mm
  • Resolution of 0.001" (0.01 mm)
  • Automatic identification of probes
  • Automatic Probe Zero function
  • Uses Pulse-Echo Principle of Ultrasonics
  • Sensitivity can be set to "Auto" or "Manual"
  • Several Transducers are optionally available including one for High Temperature materials (350 °C)
  • Warranty 1-Year
  • Made in Germany


Measuring rangePulse Echo: With standard transducer U5.0: 0.8 - 350 mm (0.03 - 13.8")
(For ranges of other transducers see table)
Resolution0.01mm (0 – 99.9 mm), 0.1(> 100 mm)
Display128 x 64 pixels with backlight
Velocity Range0.0492 to .3937 in/μs. 1250 to 10,000 meters/sec
preset sound velocity of 9 materials
Measuring mode(Pulse-Echo)
Standard: normal operation
Minimum : detection of thinnest point
Difference: deviation of reading to preset value

High speed scan for high temperature surfaces
ProbeStandard transducer U5.0: 8mm (0.31")
(For diameter of other transducers see table)
Operation Temperature-20 to 50°C (-4 to 122°F)
CableSoftware and data transmission cable
Battery TypeTwo AA batteries
Battery Lifemore than 80 hours under continuous operation
Weightapprox. 6.70 oz (190 g)
Size5.1 x 2.9 x 0.94"
(130 X 73 X 24 mm)
Accessories IncludedU5.0 5 MHz standard transducer, Operating instructions, two 1.5V AA batteries, Plastic carrying case, Coupling liquid (200 ml), cable
Data storage10 groups with max. 500 values each
Data interfaceUSB
Housing ProtectionIP40

Technical Data of Transducers

TypeDiameterFrequencyMeasuring RangeMaterial TemperatureApplication
U5.08 mm
5.0 MHz0.8 – 350 mm
0.031 - 13.8"
-12 to 60 °Con flat surfaces or huge curvature radii
U2.012 mm
2.0 MHz2.0 – 500 mm
0.079 - 19.7"
-12 to 60 °Crough surfaces such as cast iron
U7.56 mm
7.5 MHz0.65 - 50 mm
0.026 - 1.97"
-12 to 60 °Cthin w all thickness and small curvature radii
U10.04 mm
10.0 MHz0.65 – 20 mm
0.026 - 0.79"
-12 to 60 °Csmall tube diameters
U5.0HT13 mm
5.0 MHz3.0 – 200 mm
0.12 - 7.87"
-12 to 350 °Cfor temperatures up to 350 °C


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MiniTest 430 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, Supplied as a complete kit including 5 Mhz probe - TRA/005430
U5.0 standard transducer, 5.0 MHz frequency, diameter 8mm, measuring range 0.8…350mm
U2.0 transducer, 2.0 MHz frequency, diameter 12mm, measuring range 2.0…500mm
U7.5 transducer, 7.5 MHz frequency, diameter 6mm, measuring range 0.65…50mm
U10.0 transducer, 10.0 MHz frequency, diameter 4mm, measuring range 0.65…20mm
U5.0 High Temperature transducer, 5.0 MHz frequency, diameter 13mm, measuring range 3.0…200mm, max. surface temperature 350°C
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