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MikroTest-Standards Coated Metal Plates for Calibration of MikroTest Coating Thickness Gauge

Made in Germany
Mikrotest Coating Thickness Standards
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Verify or calibrate your Mikrotest Coating Thickness Gauge and other ferrous coating thickness gauge using these precision standards. All sets are supplied with 4 coated plates marked with mil and micron/mm values. The plates are attached to a rigid plastic plate with printed tolerances and serial number.


  • Supplied in padded pouch
  • Each set is serialized
  • Calibration Cert is OPTIONAL

Coating Thickness (approximate)

Part NumberGauge ModelPlate 1Plate 2Plate 3Plate 4
010 µm
0.40 mils
20 µm
0.80 mils
40 µm
1.60 mils
040 µm
1.60 mils
120 µm
4.7 mils
16 mils
220 µm
8.60 mils
320 µm
12.60 mils
1000 µm
40 mils
2000 µm
80 mils
1000 µm
40 mils
2000 µm
80 mils
3000 µm
120 mils
4000 µm
160 mils
82-051-0060NiFe50 / NiFe50M010 µm
0.40 mils
20 µm
0.80 mils
30 µm
1.20 mils

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Calibration Standards for MikroTest G/GM - MIK/011000
Calibration Standards for MikroTest F/FM - MIK/011020
Calibration Standards for MikroTest S3/S3M - MIK/011040
Calibration Standards for MikroTest S5/S5M - MIK/011060
Calibration Standards for MikroTest NiFe50/NiFe50M - MIK/011160
NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate for Mikrotest Standards (Not Available for NiFE)
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