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SY Cable / Wire Rope Tension Meter - DISCONTINUED

Made in Germany
SY Cable / Wire Rope Tension Meter
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The SY-1000 is no longer available. Alternatives can be found here

A rugged, lightweight portable field tension meter which measures line tensions - without breaking into the line.

Operation is based on measuring cable deflection caused by the application of a constant force mid-way between two pulley supports. Cable tensions are then determined to an accuracy of ± 1% by referring to a calibration chart especially prepared for the cable size and type being measured.

*Actual tension range depends on the type of material being tested. Values shown are for average mild steel wire rope. Select model by cable diameter.


  • Dial Range of 0 - 100 units, Requires customer to create calibration conversion chart
  • Supplied in hard shell plastic carrying case

Tension Ranges

ModelRangeCable Diameters
SY-1000850 - 5500 lbs1/2" - 1"

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Dimensions42" x 10" x 3.5"
Weight8 pounds
Accuracy± 1%