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RTM High Capacity Cable Tension Meter Gigasense
(RTM-20D / RTM-D)

Gigasense RTM Cable Tension Meter
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The RTM has been replaced by the RTMe, click here to go to the RTMeWebpage.

4 Models
- 2 Ton / 20 Kn / 4,400 lb
RTM-20D-5 - 5 Ton / 50 Kn / 11,000 lb
RTM-20D-10 - 10 Ton / 100 Kn / 22,000 lb
RTM-20D-20 - 20 Ton / 200 Kn / 44,000 lb

Max Cable Diameter - 1.5" (38.1mm)

The RTM is a cable tension meter specially developed for the determination of (high) tension in cables like guy wires, support cables, architectural cables etc. The RTM can be placed directly on the cable. De device will show the tension on the display.

The RTM is very simple and handy to use. Simply hold and "clip" it to the rope to be tested and use the large hand screw to deflect the rope to a fixed angle. The resultant force will then affect the load cell and measure the tension in the wire rope. The resultant signal is then digitally processed and displayed in a graduation selected and pre programmed. The RTM 20D can display kN, klbs or in ton.

The RTM is suitable for measurements up to 44,000 Lbs (22 tons) and cable diameters up to 1.5". De measured values are directly shown on the display without use of a reference table.

Measuring principle:
The RTM is placed on the cable under a predefined angle. This angle is then used to determine the tension in the cable. Since the gauge is calibrated to the cable that is measured it will directly show the tension value. These calibrations can be saved inside the gauge and it is possible to save up to 10 different cable calibrations. Values can be displayed in N or Lbs

The RTM determines quickly, safely, accurately and conveniently cable tension. It can withstand force two times its rated capacity without damage. The RTM features hardened steel cable guides which ensures trouble-free operation in the toughest outdoor environments.


  • RTM can be calibrated for up to 10 different wire ropes
  • The RTM will temporarily withstand 100% overload without impairing accuracy
  • Pressure tight, conforms to IP 67 according to IEC 529
  • Tempered jaws minimize wear and maintain accuracy
  • The RTM can display measurement in klb, kN or metric ton (please choose 2 when ordering)
  • 10 different cable calibrations can be stored at one time
  • Memory/RS232 Option provides memory for 60 values and provides RS-32 Output for data transfer


Accuracy2 - 6% of instrument capacity
Cable Diameter0.25" - 1.5" (6.35 - 38.1mm)
CalibrationUp to 10 Calibrations can be stored
DisplayLCD, 0-19999, 0.5" high
Power9V battery
Battery Life25 hours
Housing materialCorrosion proof anodized Aluminium
Dimensions5.3" x 15.0" x 27.0" (135 x 380 x 685 mm) Gauge
6.7" x 15.7" x 29.9" (170 x 400 x 760 mm) in Carrying-Case
Weight13.67 lb (29 lb in carrying-case)
Working Temp-4 to 158° F
Protection ClassIP67 (Dust and temporary water immersion)

Calibration to Customer Sample

cable tension meter loop The RTMe can be calibrated with a customer cable. The sample must be 6m / 18ft and have looped ends as shown here.


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