Contact Tachometer

DT-105A - DT-107A

DT-105A LCD Display with 6" Circum Measuring Wheel
DT-107A LED Display with 6" Circum Measuring Wheel
DT-107A-12 LED Display with 12" Circum Measuring Wheel

Accurately measure rotational and surface speed, as well as length. Built-in selector switch permits the user to display readings in a wide variety of engineering units. The DT-107A-12 includes a 12" circumference measuring wheel which is offered for safer and easier surface speed measurement by keeping the users hand farther from the moving surface and slowing down the rotational speed.

Built-in memory for last, maximum, minimum and 10 separate readings
LCD Version for use in sunlight and for longest battery life
Rugged cast aluminum housing
LED version for use in poorly lit or dark environments
Includes Traceable calibration Certificate
2-Year Warranty

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DT-105A Mode Selector Switch

LCD Display vs LED Display

Optional 12" Wheel for Large Diameter Cables, Tapes & Bands

Tachometer Accessories
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Tachometer Accessories

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Complete Kit
All models are supplied as a complete kit including 6" circumference surface speed wheel, two cone tip adapters, funnel tip adapter, shaft extension, two AA batteries and and an operating instruction manual - all supplied in a foam-fitted carrying case.complete kit
Display Range 0.10 to 25,000 rpm with floating decimal
Accuracy 0.10 to 999.99 rpm: ±0.06 rpm
1,000.0 to 9,999.9 rpm: ±0.6 rpm
10,000 to 25,000 rpm: ±0.006% rpm
Measurement Units
per Minute Revolutions, Meters, Yards, Feet, Inches
per Hour Feet, Yards, Miles, Meters, Revolutions
Total Revolutions, Centimeters, Meters, Yards, Feet, Inches
per Second Revolutions, Inches, Feet, Yards, Centimeters (optional, inquire)
Memory System 13 readings are stored in memory and retained for 5 minutes
(last, max., min., and 10 measurements)
Over-Range Indicator Flashing numerals
Detection Optical coupler, 60 pulses/rev
Update Time 1 second (typical)
Batteries Size: 2 1.5 V AA
Life: Approx. 65 hrs. (DT-105A)
Life: Approx. 40 hrs. (DT-107A)
Low Voltage Indicator Flashing "LO BAT" display (DT-105A)
"B" display (DT-107A)
Operating Temp 32° to 113° F (0 to 45° C)
Weight 0.9 pounds (400 grams)
Dimensions 7.3" L x 2.4" W x 1.8" H
Warranty 2 years
Accessories Included 2 cone adapters, 1 funnel adapter, 3-1/2" extension shaft, 1 surface speed wheel (6" circumference), carrying case, operating instructions
Country of Origin Taiwan

news  Sample Calibration Certificate  Click to download
news  PDF Data Sheet  Click Here To Download
manual  Instruction Manual  Click here to download

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DT-105A$250.00DT-105A Contact Tachometer with LCD Display, Complete KitIn stock
DT-107A$250.00DT-107A Contact Tachometer with LED Display, Complete KitIn stock
DT-105A-12$305.00DT-105A-12 Contact Tachometer with LCD Display and 12" circumference wheel, Complete KitIn stock
DT-107A-12$305.00DT-107A-12 Contact Tachometer with LED Display and 12" circumference wheel, Complete KitIn stock
DTCA$10.00Spare cone tip for DT-105/7AIn stock
DTFA$10.00Spare funnel tip for DT-105/7AIn stock
DTSX$15.00Spare shaft extension for DT-105/7AIn stock
DT6$30.00Spare 6 inch wheel for DT-105/7AIn stock
DT12$50.00Spare 12 inch wheel for DT-105/7A-12In stock
LMA-3$150.0012 inch knurled Aluminum WheelIn stock
FPM-12-CBL$150.0012 inch Wheel for beltsIn stock
DT-TRI-HD$35.00Tripod for Tachometers and StroboscopesIn stock
BATT-RC4AA-WC$35.004-pack 2300mAh AA Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries & Charger KitIn stock
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