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TT-IMP Impact Torque Wrench Tester

Made in USA
Impact Torque Tester
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The TT-IMP impact torque wrench test system is specially designed with extra-rugged construction for the demanding job of testing impact tools. The flange-mounted transducer is fixed in a heavy-duty frame designed for secure bench top mounting. A digital display is connected remotely to isolate the electronics from the damaging vibrations caused by impact tools. A specially designed spline drive run-down-fixture simulates real-world application conditions, allowing the impact tool motor to ramp-up to freely rotate several times before building resistance to rotation.

The included digital indicator can display torque in lb-ft, N-m, Lb-in or Kg-m (selectable) with an accuracy of +/-1% (bi-directional with optional reverse threaded run-down-fixture).

Impact Torque Test System with run-down-fixture and display


  • Counts Pulses / Blows while displaying peak torque
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Solid machined aluminum plate for weight reduction and long term durability
  • Spline engagement of rundown into torque transducer improves durability of transducer
  • Test stand is designed with feet to accomodate bolting test stand to bench
  • Supplied as a complete system with bench-mount transducer, run-down-fixture, display and connecting cable.

Torque Ranges

ModelCalibrated Measuring Range
TT-410250F-IMP25 - 250 lb-ft / 34 - 340 Nm
TT-410500F-IMP50 - 500 lb-ft / 68 - 680 Nm
TT-4101000F-IMP100 - 1000 lb-ft / 135 - 1355 Nm
TT-4102000F-IMP200 - 2000 lb-ft / 270 - 2700 Nm
TT-4102500F-IMP250 - 2500 lb-ft / 340 - 3400 Nm
Custom ranges available, inquire for details

TT-IMP Options

The test stand can be connected to the MTM or TT-3000 torque testers with external port option. They can also be configured with digital output for connection to a tablet or direct to your PC with our Tools software application. Inquire for details.

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Calibrated Range10-100% Full Scale, bi-directional (with optional reverse threaded run-down-fixture).
Accuracy±1.0% of indicated (within calibrated range)
Warranty1 Year
Calibration CertificateIncludes NIST Traceable calibration certificate with data
Operating Temp32 - 120 °F (0-50 °C)
PowerRechargable NiMH batteries provide 10 -12 hours of continuous use
Weight10-20lbs depending on range
Specifications below for Display
Operating ModesPeak, 1st Peak, Track
Resolution4 Active Digits
FilteringSelectable; 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1000Hz, 1500Hz and 2000Hz
Memorydata storage of up to 999 readings
Data OutputRS-232
Display62 x 62mm backlit LCD
Alarm LimitsLED for Visual Alarm Limits

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Impact Torque Test System - 25-250 lb-ft range, includes display and run-down-fixture
Impact Torque Test System - 50-500 lb-ft range, includes display and run-down-fixture
Impact Torque Test System - 100-1000 lb-ft range, includes display and run-down-fixture
Impact Torque Test System - 200-2000 lb-ft range, includes display and run-down-fixture
Impact Torque Test System - 250-2500 lb-ft range, includes display and run-down-fixture
Spare / Replacement Run-Down-Fixture for TT-IMP, Specify Capacity (XXX)
Data Transfer Software for TT Series, Includes USB Output Cable
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