Multi-Purpose Panel Tachometer


DT-5TG-0-DC - Panel Tach Without module connectors, 24V DC-Powered

Accurately display RPM, surface speed, flow or production data scaled to any engineering units.

An additional mode displays the elapsed time required to travel a fixed distance at a pre-selected speed for baking and similar conveyor applications.

User-set Hi and Lo limits
Provides 12 V DC to power an external sensor
Snap-in installation without tools, brackets or screws mounted into panel cutout 92x45 mm
Set-up data is easily entered via front panel keys and is not lost during power failures
Fully scalable to set value in desired engineering units
Powered by 85 - 265VAC (p/n DT-5TG-0) or 24V DC (p/n DT-5TG-0-DC)
Highly accurate
Self-testing ability
User-set display update time, decimal points and scalable to any engineering units

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Operating Mode: Rate Measurement Elapse Time Counter
Display Selections: 0-9.9999 99.99 seconds
0-99.999 99 minutes 59 seconds
0-999.99 99 hours 59 minutes
Measuring Range: 10-99,999 rpm (@ 1 pulse per rev.)
0.2-30,000 rpm (@ 60 pulses per rev.)
Display: 5-digit LED, 0.56" (14.2 mm) high
Accuracy: 0.008% or 1 digit
Number of PPR: 1-9,999 pulses/rev (selectable)
Input Signal Maximum Frequency: Sine wave: 10kHz
Square wave: 30kHz
Open Collector: 30kHz
Contact closure: 20Hz
Input Signal Amplitude: Sine wave: 0.3-30 V P-P
Square wave: LO: 0-1.5 V, HI: 4-30 V
Input Impedance: 10 k-Ohms for magnetic pickup, rotary pulse generator and proximity switch
Voltage Output 12 V DC 5% (50 mA max.) to power sensors
Applicable Sensors: Rotary pulse generator, magnetic pickup, proximity switch, retro-reflective optical
Ambient Temperature: 32 - 113 F (0-45 C)
Power Consumption: 1 W (5 W when optional modules are used)
Voltage Requirement: 85-265 V AC, 50/60Hz
Option 24VDC for 9-35V DC
Dimensions: 3.46" L x 1.88" H x 3.78" D (8 L x 48 H x 96 D mm) includes bezel and fits 1/8 DIN cutout
Weight: 0.55 lbs. (250 g)
Cutout Dimensions: 92W X 45H (mm)

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