Validation and Calibration of Welding Equipment with digital hand-tachometer CDT-2000HD-TW

CDT-2000HD-TW Welding Wire Speed Meter

CDT-2000HD-TW Welding Wire Speed Meter

The speeds of welding wires for manual welding systems, robot welding plants and longer conveyor lines need to be measured (WPQR = Welding Procedure Qualification Records).

It is also necessary to carry out validation and calibration tasks. This is because companies that work in accordance with the standards EN 1090/EN 50504/CE or ISO 9001/9002 have to have their welding equipment calibrated annually.

A further task involves rapid and cost-effective troubleshooting.

CheckLine Solution:

The digital hand-held tachometer CDT-2000HD-TW was specially developed for the specific requirements when measuring speeds and lengths in the welding industry.

The easy handling and measuring accuracy of the digital hand-held tachometer CDT-2000HD-TW, along with the option enabling the device to be recalibrated according to the required industrial standard, were the main reasons for the purchase decision according to the customer Cloos.

A special welding wire attachment included with the kit allows the tachometer to measure welding wires with a diameter of 0.8 to 3 mm (0.03 – 0.12″).