Electronic Torque Wrench


5 Models
- 265 in-lb / 30 N-m - 1/4" Drive
DTW-1200i - 1200 in-lb / 145 N-m - 3/8" Drive
DTW-100f - 100 ft-lb / 145 N-m - 1/2" Drive
DTW-250f - 250 ft-lb / 340 N-m - 1/2" Drive
DTW-625f - 625 ft-lb / 850 N-m - 3/4" Drive

The new Check-Line DTW Electronic Torque Wrenches are designed for simple and precise measurement of industrial, automotive, aerospace and many other applications. The DTW displays Real-Time and Peak torque on a large LCD display in ft-lb, in-lb or N-m, user selectable.

The DTW features a target set point that indicates a desired torque value with a bright LED and audible beep.

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Torque Wrench

Displays in-lbs, ft-lbs & N-m (User selectable)
50 data point memory
CW and CCW operation
Auto shutdown after 5 minutes of non use
Peak or Real-Time (track) mode (User Selectable)
Includes Calibration Certificate (Click for sample)
Buzzer and LED indicator for the pre-settable target torque
CE Certified

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Digital Torque Wrench

Torque Ranges
Model Range Drive
26.5 - 265 Lb-in
120 - 1200 Lb-in
10 - 100 Lb-ft
25 - 250 Lb-ft
62.5 - 625 Lb-ft
Alternative Unit Calculator- recasts values in above table
(units in RED can be selected on gauge. Other units for reference only)

Show ranges in other available units
NOTE: Calibrated Range is 20 - 100% of capacity.
We do not offer an accuracy specification for readings below 20% of the models capacity.

Accuracy CW - ±2.5% of indicated
CCW - ±3.5% of indicated
From 20 - 100% of capacity
Resolution 0.01 N-m / 0.1 in-lb / 0.01 ft-lb
Sampling Frequency 500 Hz (500 samples/sec)
Display Update Rate 4 Hz (4 times/sec)
Memory 50 Readings for recall on display, no output capability
Operation Mode Peak hold/ Track
Unit Selection ft-lb, in-lb, N-m
Length DTW-265i - 15.36in / 390mm
DTW-1200i - 16.34in / 415mm
DTW-100f - 17.5in / 445mm
DTW-250f - 25.6in / 650mm
DTW-625f - 47.25in / 1200mm
Head Type Lever type Ratchet
Gear Teeth 36
Battery 2x AA
Battery Life 110 Continuous Hours
1 Year Standby
Operating Temperature -10C ~ 60C
Storage Temperature -20C ~ 70C
Humidity Up to 90% non-condensing
Warranty 1 Year

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manual  Manual for Wrench with 2 Lights next to display  Download PDF
manual  Manual for Wrench with 1 Light next to display  Download PDF
news  Sample Calibration Certificate  Click Here to Download

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