Tension Meters

Tension Meter for yarns, wires, cables, tapes, belts and other applications.
Hand-held Tension Meter and Online tension sensors available.

Mechanical Hand-Held Tension Meters
Rugged Analog models measure tension on yarn, wire, tapes and more.
Digital Hand-Held Tension Meters
Precision Digital Tension Meters measure tension on wire, fiber, belts and many other applications.
Online Tension Sensors
Fixed mount tension sensors for continuous testing.
Tension Indicators & Amplifiers
Provide display and amplification for our online tension sensors.
Cable Tension Meters
Measure tension on Wire Rope, Guy Wires, Steel Cables and more.
Stationary Tension Meters
Fixed mounted analog tension meters for continuous measurement.
Roller Guide
Available Rollers for Hand-Held Tension Meters